I think there is some DISNEYLAND EXCITEMENT in the air!


Daniel came home from work today and said, “I wanna ride their Space Mountain like 500 times!” [notice he still refers to anything at DL as “theirs” and everything at WDW is “ours” :laugh:]

Anyway, just today at work we were outside with the kids & it was SUPER sunny gorgeous warm weather today, I was TOTALLY “California Dreamin’!” I could literally hear that Paradise Pier pipe music playing in my head & dreamt of how refreshing it will be to eat a Dole Whip in a nice breezy spot of Adventureland.

I want to ride the Nemo subs about 500 times & I am SO SO SO excited that I will actually BE THERE for the 45th anniversary artist event for the Enchanted Tiki Room! Oh my gosh, SERIOUSLY, I am like Disneyland Tiki Bird obsessed.

We’ve made our ADRs and the winners are:

  • Goofy’s Kitchen (my 30th b-day dinner)
  • Hooke’s Pointe (anniversary dinner)
  • Fantasmic Dessert Buffet with Priority Seating (can’t book that until May)
  • Storyteller’s Cafe for breakfast

It’s officially started… the California Dreamin’ Disneyland excitement has officially commenced! :heart:

Gosh I love Disneyland! :wub:


Their SM is the best…I hope they do that star field to ours!


Oh my gosh, I can’t wait until ours gets the refurb! I hope they do it soon & I am SURE it will ROCK! Gosh, can you imagine how long that will be closed for if they do it though? For-eva’!


:blush: I call Disneyland…mine:mickey: :blush: As in Space Mountain in MY Disneyland is much smoother that at WDW:closedeye


Sounds like you have a great trip planned!! Yes - the Jersey weather has been extremely awesome the past few days!! It’s very easy to get lost in dreams of our impending vacation!

Keep dreaming!! It will be here before you know it!


Wow . . . I wanna go!! Disneyland seems so far away though . . . I’m working on a cruise maybe for Xmas time . . . and I’ll just have to “DREAM” through your wonderful DL TR!! :blush:


OK, You’ve got me so excited that I need to be a part of this and have decided that I could possibly get in with you if we can try to be extra sneaky somehow.

You think about it and I’ll think about it and we’ll talk tomorrow to get our plan together.


That’s because your “home” is a WDW. Of course, with the DL DVC opeing…:laugh:

Personally, I like the 1:45 non stop flight a whole lot better that 4+ hours and a change of planes!



Tellyawhat, chicky-baby – if you can’t smuggle yourself in with Wishy, save some time in October and you can smuggle yourself in with me. :happy:

I for one am very much looking forward to getting back on MY Screamin’. :wub: