I think this is a new ADR question


When I go to WDW in September we have 3 separate reservations divided by 7 people (8 if you include my nephew that will be 10 months at time of travel).

When I make our ADRs can I make 1 reservation for all 7/8 people on one rese or will i have to make 3 separate ADR’s.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if I book the ADRs under my confirmation number I only have 3 people booked and I want ADRs for 7/8. Is that allowed?

If this looks like crazy talk just shake your head and click away slowly but if you are crazy like me and can answer my question then welcome to my world and thanks for helping!

Love, Lisa


Yes, book all three under your name. Just say party of 7 and three seperate tables…blah blah…you get the drift. no biggie.


That’s just what i did last week. We have 10 people, but two parties.
I put it all under my name.


I booked everything under my name, and we had the four of us on the WDW reservation, plus 6 more from offsite hotels… they had no problem whatsover.


ADRs have nothing to do with resort reservations. NOTHING. You don’t need to be staying at a Disney resort to make an ADR.

Your ADR is booked using your home telephone number (or whatever number you choose to give them), NOT your WDW resort reservation number.

And you certainly don’t need to book three separate tables for people staying in 3 different rooms.