I think this is a No-Brainer?


I have a trip booked at CBR 8 days/7nights in a preferred room with a 6 day hopper ticket during free dining; but I got to thinking and pricing online today and found that if we stay at POP for the same 8 days/7nights in a preferred room during free dinig we can get a 7 day hopper with the waterpark fun and more option for $377 less than what I already have booked at CBR. I’ve never been a fan of the Values, but stayed at POP for one day in April and fell in love with it. I was very much surprised at how different POP is from the AS resorts. I’m going to talk to DH tonight; I’m pretty sure he’ll agree that we should switch to POP and save the money. What do you think?


As you said…no brainer…the water parks are a great perk and having the extra $400.00 to spend is great. With free dining your expenses will probably not be over what you would pay at CBR.


It does seem like a no brainer to me too.


Save the money and go to POP. Take the extra money saved and apply to a bounce back.


You’re so clever. :cool:


So the kids and I talked with DH tonight and we’ve decided to switch to POP. Both kids are finally tall enough to ride Crushin Gusher at TL and are very excited about swimming in Shark Reef (me too!)

We have a preferred room reserved, I’m just not sure which building to ask for…any suggestions?


I personally would get a preferrred room in the sixtys room it is in the middle not a bad walk to the dinning area, laundry, pool and the bus area. We stayed a few years ago in the back side of one of the sixtys building and it was a comfortable walk to everywhere at Pop.


Yep, no brainer. We always start out going big, the past 3 trips we’ve started with a Deluxe and ended up with two moderate stays and one offsite. We see how much money we’ll save, or in my head, how much extra money I’ll have to spend shopping lol. I’ve never stayed at POP but df loves it and before we were together, he’d stay there when visiting his father, he’s a pretty big fan.


Unless you REALLY like CBR and wanted the pirate rooms, I think you’ll be fine in Pop (never stayed there personally but heard great things). It sounds like you kids will really like the water parks option. Also check out DisneyQuest if you get the chance (pretty sure it is on the & more part of the ticket); it is pretty cool also, especially if you have a bad weather day during your trip.


I love DQ but my then 6yo was too short for some things. Are you adding a night with this savings? I’m requesting the 50s build for Sept but its standard. Oh…spend the savings on BBB for DD and the new pirate studio thing for DS


That would be a great thing to do for the kids, but I figure we’re going to be in the water every day and I don’t want to dish out that kind of money on makeup and hairdo’s for only a couple hours time, as soon as the kids jumped in the water it would all wash away.


Oh yeah! I didn’t think about that. Now I’m wondering if I should do BBB for Madison because I know she will be going swimming.Nuts!


Tinkerbelle24 are you going to MNSSHP do it that night then she has her costume and you wont be going in the water that night because you will get home from the party to late. From what I have heard thehairdo’s stay in pretty well so she could even keep the hairdo the next day until you hit the water.


We love CBR but I would switch and take the more for less


That’s exactly my way of thinking. We too LOVE CBR, but if we can add the waterpark option and save money…then why not. It’s going to be SUPER HOT in August and we’re definitely going to be in the water a whole lot. There’s always next year for CBR.


Great plan! ('cause it sounds like just what we did!)

We have stayed at POP since we first went there, you want the LADY building, some of it is preferred (but if you want to save a little more $, just ask for the LADY building and bump down to non-preferred) and some of it is standard, all in the BEST building - super close to the main building , right in front of the bowling pin pool.

We also always get the water park and more, but we usually stay over a week, so we dont get park hopper. The water parks ROCK! and we also love DQ. We usually go several times during our stay, I think last year we went a total of 4 times in 12 days to BB and TL, and DQ at least 2 times as well.

I think you made a great choice! The bus system is one of the best, very quick usually, especially getting home, which is key.


I know this is OT but when in August are you going? We’re going the 20th through the 25th and we’ll be staying at CBR.


We arrive on the 25th for 8 days. Have a good trip.


I would stay @ POP and save the money. We are doing the same thing. We were staying @ CBR for 12 nt. and switched to POP and it saved us $900! Have fun!


Sounds like a great plan because you will DEFINITELY want the water parks in August!!! It was soooooooooooooooo hot when we went in August 2 years ago, and having the waterpark option was a lifesaver!

Oh, and by the way the shark reef is soo cool! It is a little weird seeing the sharks so close even tho they are small!:eek: We love the shark reef! It is pretty cold water, but you get use to it quick because it is so hot out! Have fun!!:happy: