I think we may try BOMA ~ Best way to Get there?


We are going to try Boma for breakfast if I can figure out how to get there easier.:wacko:

Our ADR is at 7:50. Do we take a bus to AK(if there is one that early:sad: ) then to AKL. If there is no bus to AK that early, how do we proceed? :huh: A bus to TTC?

OOOOORRRRR should we suck it up and pay for a taxi to AKL (I have checked it is about $20)???:glare:

Suggestions please!!! :wacko: How long would it take with disney transportation? How long with a taxi?



may have to take the bus to downtown disney then connect to animal kingdom resort bus from there
or if it is a early park opening day go to that park and find the bus from there


Did you try asking the desk at your hotel? There are rarely questions they are hearing for the first time.

Either way, you’ll probably have to take a bus to a park or DTD or TTC - then transfer to AK.


Is it an EMH AK day? If so, the buses will definitely be running! If not, I’d suck it up and take a cab.


Just take a cab there and then use the AKL’s transportation to a theme park and then back to your resort. It’s going to run you about $15 and save you about 45minutes in travel time…money well spent in my opinion.


Where are you staying?


Nope, there are NO EMH for the morning that day!!!:pinch:


We are staying at POR


Here is a link for you. You put in you locations and they offer suggestions.

OLP: Transportation Wizard – Our Laughing Place home of OLPTravel


um that time of morning I think the only way would be a cab not sure though … You will love the breakfast Dh had it this morning and said he thinks its the best on property …


I agree…if there are NO EMH that morning, busses usually only start running an hour before park opening (I think). If that’s the case, you might just have to take a cab there. Then take a bus wherever you want to go that day! Like Dana said, $15 well spent.


Thanks, I’ve looking for this link for a while.:happy:


Suck it up and take a taxi - it’ll be worth it. Who wants to arrive for breakfast all stressed out about all the buses you have to take.

Have fun!


You’re welcome, happy to help.


Sorry I’m not sure about transportation since we drove when we ate there this past December. But you will LOVE the food! We reserved a semiiprivate room for a surprise party for DD to celebrate her final yar of college soccer being complete. She was surprised for sure. The cast members were extra nice and let us in early to decorate and we ordered a special cake for her through Disney dining


I usually just take a bus from POR to AK and then hop on the AKL bus from there, but for such an early ADR that won’t work. I second those who suggested a cab. I’ve used cabs a lot at WDW when leaving the Boarwalk late at night and have always found them really reasonable and really stress free.

And it is definitely well worth it to get to Boma. They have my favorite breakfast ANYWHERE (not just at WDW). I try to get there every trip no matter what!


All this talk about cabs. Can anyone recommend a cab company? Where do you find a cab?


Yes, who is the most reliable???


The best bet would be to drive yourselves.
The second best bet is to take a taxi.
The third option isn’t a good bet because as others have pointed out, there is no direct bus service from one hotel to another. From POR, if you were to bus over, I’d think The Studios would be your best transfer point, but keep in mind, in the morning, Disney Transport is more concerned with getting guests to the parks, not from them and wait times can be on the long side, on the order of a half hour.


At the deluxe hotels, there are always taxis waiting.
Not so sure about mods. If they don’t have taxis waiting, I guess you’d have to have the lobby concierge call one for you.
As for who to use, only Disney authorized taxis can even pick up passengers inside WDW, so that isn’t going to be much of an issue.