I thought of more questions!


Hi again, I’ve made some PS and wanted to see what everyones thoughts are on my dining selections.

Grand Floridian Cinderella dinner
Rainforest Cafe-Animal kingdom
Crystal Palace Character Breakfast at MK
LeCellier Steakhouse-Epcot

And believe it or not I have one other one and I can’t remember where it is.
I’ll have to go through my disney file but It’s a character one at Mk and I think it’s a family style (Thanksgiving type food) the lady on the phone recommended it when I called to make my other PS.
These places were all included in my dining plan (except AK- but the steakhouse uses two of our table services so we’ll be paying for that one.)
I’m also getting my itinerary ready and I’ll be posting it for your editing pleasure.

Thanks again. Sorry my posts are so boring I haven’t gotten into all the little icons yet, but I will.



The only one of these dinners I’ve had is Le Cellier at Canada. Excellent choice!!! One of the best restaurants at WDW!


I’ve been to Crystal Palace - great place!!! I went there for my Sweet Sixteen and I had a blast. The food’s good and the characters are so fun. Good choice. :slight_smile:

I also like Rainforest Cafe. I’ve been to the one in DTD, which I’ve heard many people say is only so-so… they recommend the one at AK, so good choice again. :happy:


Ive never been to any of those…but I wanted to welcome you to DC!


Rainforest Cafe is wonderful, we’ve eaten there just about every visit.


You probably mean the liberty tree tavern in MK, very good choices. You will enjoy all of them.


Liberty Tree is great…I LOVE the macaroni and cheese!


Don’t know any of the others but Crystal Palace with Pooh and friends is a lot of fun. The buffet is pretty good. You’ll like it.


They all sound good. We’re trying Le Cellier for the first time this trip, too! I highly recommend the Cheese Soup (I tried it at the F&W festival last year – yummy!).


I can vouch for the Crystal Palace character breakfast. We’ve done that twice and both times it was awesome.
Also, LeCellier - One of the best meals I’ve had anywhere!!
We are doing the same as you this year and saving “2” of our table service meals for LeCellier on the dining plan.


Your PS’s sound great. I was thinking the other one was probably Liberty Tree Tavern too. I think you will enjoy your choices. Please don’t feel like you need to apologize for your posts, I don’t find them boring at all and I am sure others will agree with me. :wink:


Your choices look great! I am so happy you got some PS. Knowing you have a meal planned and a PS will help make your days even better.


Thanks everyone for your input. I’m counting down the days!!!



Welcome to DC, your choices are excellent, and your posts are NOT boring!


Done Crystal Palace, and it is GREAT!!!

Welcome to the madness that is DC!!!

eyes the dungeon door :fork_off:


Your choices sound great! I would always heartily recommend 'Ohana…:blush:…it’s my fave, so whenever I don’t see it on someone’s list I have to suggest it. Hehe.

But it sounds like you made some awesome choices–I can’t wait to try LeCellier, after EVERYONE has given it rave reviews!