I Wanna Stay Here


The first in a series of new themed suites at the Disneyland Hotel makes its debut today. How cool is this?

New Signature Suite at the Disneyland Hotel: Big Thunder Suite Disney Parks Blog


Holy smokes, that is a FINE hotel suite. I wanna stay there too. I cannot wait to see the other suites. Wow.


i want to live here.


Strangely enough, I don’t care for it at all. :pinch: I’m glad there is more theming though, I hope they do more of this type of thing.


That is way cool! DS would think it’s way way cool.


Forget “stay”. I want to live there!


That bathtub area just made me giggle out loud. Leave it to Disney to get something put together so awsome! Just wish they would have a contest to have their designers come into someones house (mine!) and “design!”


I totally agree!


I want to go to there!


Yeah, I agree too :laugh: