I want to see your character pictures!


When DD was 10 months old, she found the characters terrifying.

She’ll be 22 months for her next Disneyland trip… and while she’s so much older and could have a completely different reaction… I’m not betting on it.

My goal here is for her to be able to sit in the same room with some characters without completely freaking out. It’d be nice to be able to stay in the restaurant with the whole family to celebrate her cousin’s 4th birthday, instead of having to go outside.

Also, if we stay inside, I get to eat more bacon.

So do you have any pictures of kids with characters? So that Genevieve and I can sit and look at them and talk about how wonderful they are?


More bacon is a very worthy cause! Sadly, our pictures are only of “older kids”…not sure that would help…


I have some pictures of my kids with some characters on my profile so take a look.


I have TONS of pictures of my nieces and nephews in my profile in my picture albums.


Thanks! I’ve never looked at profiles at all.


Here are a few I have. They’re of my dh’s sister and she’s older than your daughter, so I don’t know if they’ll help…if you’re hoping for any particular character you want her to get used to, I can probably dig up a pic. Kayleen got her pic taken with just about everyone! :happy:


Linds, those are perfect! We’ll be talking a lot about how little the girl is, and how BIG Mickey is. Because the Mickey DD hugs and kisses now is only about 2 feet tall.


Good, I’m glad they’ll work! If you need more just let me know. I’ve got tons!


I have some of the different characters, but they’re at home on my home computer. Once I leave work I can put some links up.

Mine have kids ranging from 1 1/2 yrs to 13 yrs old. They are also mainly at character meals.


I have quite a few photos in my TR of my 3 1/2 year old DD having lots of positive interaction with the characters. Hope that’ll help. We were actually a bit worried that she was going to be very shy, if you look at the pics you’ll see shyness was not an issue.


Love it! Hope these help…


i have a TON if you look at my post history and find my trip reports theres a bunch there. but honestly if you child is like mine, she can be SUPER excited and pumped up to see mickey, then when it comes to actually seeing him, she clams up. my 2.5 yr old has been going to disney since she was 6 months old. she went through the phase when she was a baby and loved chewing on the characters noses. then from about a year to just past 18 months we have 0 pictures of her with a character where she’s not being held and looking like she’s trying to get away. then she met tinkerbell and was all about the characters. but then this last trip, she was shy of stitch (my fault because i told her she had to leave her muffin on the stroller so stitch wouldn’t eat it) and she wouldn’t go near tiana even though she had practically knocked her over just a few months ago! kids that age are so unpredictable!


ps. i would get her an autograph book. once she figures out what it’s for, she’ll have fun meeting the characters. i think thats why my now 4yr old was never really shy around the characters.


My girls at Cinderella’s Royal table. Hope she gets over her fear and has a great time.


Andrea … I’ve got pics in my albums too if it helps.


Kevin as Buzz…:happy:


Me and my daughther.