I want to spread a little YOAMD magic myself


Hi everyone! I know i haven’t posted in quite some time. I have been so busy at work the passed few weeks preparing for a move to a new building and then last week i got PRK surgery (lasik surgery but not lasik). Anyhow, i am now under 30 days to go until my trip and i was thinking that i would like to spread some YOAMD magic while i am on my trip.

But i have no idea what i should do. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking along the lines of making a card of sort and attaching a pin to it and handing them out or something.

Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance…


I think that sounds like an AMAZING idea!

So, do you want to spread some magic to Cast Members or to WDW guests?


You can start by sending me some Airline Tickets. :laugh:


Well i was thinking of probably sticking to Cast Members. Although guests could be fun too… but it might be a little awkard approaching guests.


i think it is a wonderful idea


I think it would be wonderful and they would really appreciate it… I never really thought about the cast members (I know Im bad) until my SIL started working there. They put up with some silly stuff.


I’m sure the CM’s would love it! Great idea!


You know, we were thinking of doing the same type of thing! I think it’s a great idea. Spread the Disney love! :heart:


I think thats a great idea… Very thoughtful


I think that’s a WONDERFUL idea. I would stick to the Cast Members only though 'cause I’m like you, it’d be kind ackward to approach a guest and they might think that you’re actually part of the Dream Team or something.

I do think the CM’s put up with a lot of, well should I say, crap from a lot of rude, obnoxious people. I think it would be exciting for them to actually receive something thoughtful from a nice guest.

I would love to see pictures of the project you come up with so I hope that if you decide to go through with it you’ll post your pictures here.


Ok, so i read somewhere, it might have been on here or another thread about a husband and wife who bought little bottles of maple syrup that was from their hometown and gave them to cast members as little thank yous on their trip.

So i created some cast member appreciation cards and i am going to attach them to some taffy bars that are made here in the cincinnati area and give them to the cast members that i feel went out of their way to help make our trip enjoyable. Once i get the cards printed and receive the taffy i ordered i will take some pictures and share them with you.

And i will also hopefully be able to share some reactions from the cast members in my trip report when i get back from the trip.


Brandon- I must say that you are a star… that is a beautifull and brilliant idea and I applaud you for being so thoughtfull! I just wanted to say that I was also blessed by your generosity and think you are just a star of sorts… GO YOU!!!


One thing we do is get a whole bunch of good, cast member pins on eBay at a cheap rate (if you get them that way you get a bunch of them with hidden mickeys etc. for like $2 each) – and then trade those with Cast Members. Not only do we get pins for trading at a cheap rate, we can give nice pins to the CMs rather than “junk” pins, and they are so relieved to see something which is not a “cheapie” pin, esp at the end of the day. They are often baffled at first to see us trading a hidden mickey pin for some less rare one, too!


Fabulous idea!! Have fun with it!!


Hi Brandon! what a lovely thoughtful idea- and nice to see you back on MB!


I love the idea of bringing something from where you live, like those people who brought maple syrup, to spread a little magic. I wanted to do it last August but I couldn’t think about what I could bring from CT that wouldn’t melt as I carry it around the parks. I need to try and brainstorm for this August’s trip.


Thats a lovely idea, I cant wait to see how they turn out!