I was chosen!


For Disney’s InsidEARS. An information and discussion forum

I had to pass a couple of tests and then I was in. The invitation came last night by email.


I believe that we should follow the Ten Commandments to a T but I am starting to feel covetous.


Congratulations! Can you send us a link?


Awesome for you!


Um, how did you get an invitation to this prestigious club?



Wow!! Congratulations!!! So, what will you do in this club?


It’s a forum much like this here. Still in beta. they chose 1000 people who had either applied to the Disneymom thing and somewhere else. I need to read about that again.
so far not much is happening over there.
I will just be a member. Just like here. I am not sure that they know exactly how they want this to go. And having all these other Disney forums and informational sites out there like allearsnet and the disboards, I don’t know why they bother. but then, I am never catching on too fast, hehe


You really are the “Chosen One” !!! :biggrin:


Sounds very interesting! Congrats for being chosen!


That’s cool!

Don’t forget the little people. :biggrin:


you are the lucky one that you receive an email and congratulation Enjoy your stay there


Heehee, I can hear those little voices in my head


Someone else from the MBers was chosen. I cannot remember her member name though. It’s Christine T. if anyone is her friend on fb, check out her page.


Well done Iris, a great ambassador for all things Disney and MB!


Congrats! Please keep us posted.


Of course, we will be patiently waiting for all of the scrumptious gossip, leaking news and/or details! :slight_smile:


Congrats to you Iris!! I think that is so cool!


Congratulations Dopey! That is awesome!


so far nothing to report. Slow going to get everyone comfortable and posting.
There are at least 2 other mousebuzzers !


Awww, thanks for the shout out. :laugh: