I was hired


Hey yall,

So I went in for my interview with DLR and was hired on the spot into Attractions. I will be starting in Tomorrowland and my first day is Wednesday August 1st. I had applied for custodial 3rd shift because it offers fulltime at 5 days a week with full benefits but the 2nd interview opening wasnt for 3 weeks away, and I couldnt wait that long so I took a part time in Attractions until I can transfer.

Im extremely homesick but Im trying to get over it. But I have come to this conclusion, if Im not making what I need to make by the end of October or sooner depending on money I am moving back home or to my aunts spare apartment unit in Santa Cruz like I was going to do originally…which is honestly greatly fine by me, but this whole moving experience and such has already taught me so much.

But for now I am just going to see how I like working at DLR and such and see where things go. I do have some family down here so that helps things and hopefully soon I shall start making friends which should help ease the homesickness from missing my parents.

Im just kinda bleh right now so I thought I would share all this with my good Disney friends. Wish me luck!

Thanks for listening!


Tim, congrats!! That is so exciting! If you decide to stick with it you’ll be a CM there during some of the most exciting changes and additions to the DL resort that we’ve read about. Keep all options open, it’s sounds like you are, and just enjoy everything for what it is. PROMISE us you won’t dissapear and you’ll give us lots of exciting stories and pictures :smile:! Good luck!


Thanks a bunch :smile:. I will always be here on mousebuzz for as long as I can think, I would never ditch ya’ll, I like talking to you all to much to leave! lol :blush:


Congrats! Keep us informed how things are going! Sounds very exciting!!:cool:


WOW,That is so wasome to be able to work for Disney. I am here in Florida so I often think of what it would be like to work for Disney World.They may be pretty much the same in most ways. It would be nice to hear the in’s and out’s of working for Disney. Ya know, benefits,pay,oppurtunitys,etc. We think of moving someday in the near future and Orlando has come across the board. I would love to check into a job there if it is worth it. I did hear the pay is not that great,but I’d like to hear from you all who work there and shed some light on this.Congratulations on your new job. Being away from family is hard. Making friends(a good circle of them) will definetly help.Keep us updated on your progress.


Congratulations! I hope it works out for U!!


congrats!! i was so happy when i saw this post, but sad to see you are suffering from a bit of the homesick blues. :c(

i hope that passes soon. i bet it will once you start work.(you will be so busy & meeting new people.)

best wishes for a fantastic 1st day! let us know how it goes! :c)


I’m jealous! Take advantage of this time and enjoy it.
Keep up posted with stories.


Congrats in getting hired so quickly! When will you be able to transfer over to the other position? Sorry to hear that you are suffering from a bit of home sickness:( I hope it passes quickly. Soon you’ll be so involved with your new DLR job and all the new friends you’ll make there, I’m sure the home sick stuff will be a distant memory!


If I could move back home today I would…cant do that because my dad is at work…:sad:

my dad says try it out for a few weeks or so and see how I like it and such…I guess I will see…




Congrats on the job!
Once you start making friends, you will not feel the homesickness as much. Give it a chance…if you don’t, you’ll always think “what if?”
Good luck!:happy:


I’m so happy for you. Best of luck!


Congratulations on the job!
I am sorry to hear about eh homesickness, but once you get settled and busy it will definitely not be as intense.
It takes courage to try something new, so good for you!


Yep…what Cossie said! Once you get out there…start your job(tomorrow)…you’ll make all kinds of friends! So…you will be training tomorrow right? Not out on stage yet…just learning the Disney way?


I am very excited for you! It is very hard when you first move out, and I can really relate to your homesickness. It doesn’t seem like its going to get better right now, but I promise you, it will! I think your Dad is right, you need to give it some time to really be sure.

Best of luck to you, and I look forward to hearing all about your new job! :slight_smile:


Congratulations and it’s always pretty tough to move and it usually gets better and besides your working for the Mouse and thats Awesome :mickey:


It sucks to be homesick, but think of it this way. If you were away at collage or in the service, you could be much farther from home. At least at DL you can call your family when you need to, and DL has got to be a whole lot more fun. Take one day at a time and make the most of it. If it doesn’t work out, you can always say you gave it a try. Just one more experience to adulthood.
Good luck.


Congratulations on the new job! Like everyone else has said, give it some time. Homesickness does fade with time and getting involved is the best cure! Tomorrow you’ll meet all sorts of new people who are excited, and yes scared, to be starting a new job too. Being in the same boat makes for fast friendships! Good luck and hang in there!


Enjoy your first day of work! You never know who you might meet! A friend for a lifetime could greet you with a smile on your first day. You never know.