I was hoping for a soft opening that week


Looks like the new Star tours is set to open May 20. We arrive may 15th and have seasonal passes. Our last day to use them that week is may 20th. Do I want to fight the crowds of Star wars weekend and the opening of Stars Tours? Not really,but I may. With new rides opening or reopening, isn’t there usually a soft opening first?


You have a good chance. There will be a D23 event the week before (12-15). There is a possibility that they would allow attendees to ride it early as a D23 perk. They have not announced anything like that but it wouldn’t be out of the question. I have attended soft openings before and the one thing you need to do is head on over to the attraction. Asking Cast Members not actually working the attraction will give you mixed answers. Some will say yes, some no, some i think so, maybe at such and such time. If they do open it up early for D23 than most Studio Cast Members will know that, but they may not know if it is running that day. Sometimes during soft openings a ride may be open for only a few hours, or it may open for one day, close the next and reopen the following day. The point is even they don’t always know when it will run. Just keep checking back and good luck.


We are also headed to WDW in May, the 19th-23rd. I have read the touring plans for that week, and they do suggest there will most likely be a soft opening for Star Tours. The plans suggest that the 19th is the best day of the week for shorter lines and few crowds. We will head over the morning of the 19th, and the morning of the 20th to catch some Star Wars meet and greets, and the special parade.

It is so great when you happen to catch a soft opening. I was lucky enought to be in AK during a soft opening for Kali River Rapids.


All I know is that when there’s a soft opening for guests, we CM’s will have ridden it 15 times already when guests aren’t permitted to :tongue: Sorry, can’t help but boast and brag about some of the more “unique” benefits of working for Disney.


Got to ride toy story mania two days before it opened! Even then it was a 60 minute wait!!!


Rowdy we thank you for making sure the ride is safe for us guests. Your bravery is appreciated, be sure to tell us what you thought about it after you test ride it for us.:laugh:


if I were you, I’d go for it.:happy:

And my brother would be ALL FOR IT.:heart: