I was just thinking


on my ride to work this morning about our first trip vs. our last few. The first trip was back in 1995 before many of us had computers, and frankly I knew nothing. We stayed off-site, had no planning book, just a rough plan to visit the 3 parks (Animal Kingdom wasn’t around yet).

By our second trip, we had a computer, I had discovered another forum (it was 2000 - was MB around then?), I bought the unofficial guide, we stayed on-site - I planned myself silly. :laugh: It was such a memorable trip.

I think I was thinking about this because we pulled out old pictures the other day to use for a display at DD’s Bat Mitzvah and we found one with her on her Dad’s shoulders at MGM when she was barely 5 with one of those HUGE lollipops. There was another from the same trip of her with Perla at Epcot. She was so excited at that moment and she looks so adorable with these really skinny little legs. I can remember exactly what was going on when each picture was taken. I was just thinking what a great and memorable trip that was!


What a cute photo that must have been… a very special magical day! Can you post it here for us to see?

BTW, did you DH’s hair survive its close bruch with the lollipop? :laugh:


My husband and I went in 1992 before kids. We had driven to Florida and just booked a hotel (off site) when we got there. We also picked up a 3 day park hopper. We had such a great time and had no clue if we missed anything special. We probably would have wanted to avoid the loud kids in our hotel(we may have picked another hotel) but other than that our spontaneous trip was so memorable!


I’m not sure how my grandparents planned our trip when we were little, but in 1996, my first husband and I took DS Nick who was 5 at the time. (DD val was 18 months old and stayed home with grandma and grandpa) We stayed off site and spent alot of time in the parks. We had dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern (which I remember making a reservation for just before we left for WDW) and saw downtown disney for the first time.

It was our first time at MGM and I remember not really enjoying it because I was pregnate and couldn’t ride TOT!! Don’t think RNRC was there yet.

It was a great trip, but thinking back, there was so much that we missed not planning it out very well!

Here’s Nick that trip, who will turn 17 tomorrow, with his first pair of ears:


I’m pretty sure he had a hat on (he usually does), and even if he didn’t there’s not much on top of his head anyway. :laugh:

I’ll have to try to scan the pics in later when I get home. It was before we had a digital camera.


First of all, don’t mention to her that she had skinny legs. Now that she’s a lovely 13 she’ll come back at you with a "now you think I’m FAT!:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: " stomp, stomp, door slam.:laugh:

I LOVE looking at the old pictures - how were they always so sweet? When did they change from daddy being their hero to "Oh My GOD Father, PLEASE don’t embarrass me - just give me the money. We’ll just leave mommies right out of it…:glare:

Looking back to our first trip (and I did try to plan, but it was a different life-time) I remember trying to figure out what the heck Epcot WAS.:confused: And having to drag the kids there complaining, cause all they wanted to do was stay at the MK. And now Emily is two short weeks from working in Epcot for a year!..:crying:


We were just talking about this too-
My sister is turning 30 in july and for my 30th we went to Disney and on the cruise for the first time. I did try to plan a lot for that- we could not book crt but was told that if we were the first ones in the park that it was a priority seating and not actual reservation so we might get seated. We were there for rope drop as a result and my daughters first glance of the castle was absolutely priceless. Because we were the first ones to the castle we also were allowed to eat without ressies and it was one of those trips where everything just went right. I still have all the pictures and look at them with a lump in my throat because it was the most magical trip we have ever taken. Sometimes I wonder if all the internet planning and tips etc raise the bar and I get more disappointed in the end- but then again I could not survive each day without adding the magic into it. That is what I use this forum for…my daily magic


awe!! i love these stories and the cutie pie pictures!!
Some of you guys are planning pros! I’ve only been at it since I joined MB in '04 for our second trip…our first trip together was actually my first real “grownup” trip I’d ever taken with a boyfriend…we had only been dating about 6 months and I actually kinda thought I was going to marry him beforehand but when we left from that trip I knew for sure. I’ve always been a real big kid at heart and he turned into one the minute we stepped on property at WDW…it was one of those amazing trips like whoohoo was talking about…where everything just magically goes right…or if it doesn’t it got lost in kind of a wonderful haze that surrounded the trip…i just realized that trip was five years ago from yesterday :crying:
We’ve had great trips, and amazing moments since then but somehow nothing will ever really top that trip.


Luckily, she’s not like that yet! I told her last night “Look at those skinny little legs” and she agreed with me (they really were toothpick thin). Besides - she’s still little and thin. She’s almost 13 and I still won’t let her sit in the front seat because she’s too small.