I watched all 50 of Disney's animated classics in order


I watched all 50 of Disney’s animated classics in the order that the first came out on. I watched them on my Blu-ray player and HDTV. After that I went to the theater in DisneyWorld to see Disney’s 51st animated classic.


which is what?


That is quite the accomplishment! How long did that take you?


Wow, that is great! What film did you see in WDW?


Wow that sounds like some sort of record! well done to you- did you enjoy the experience? and what was the 51st movie?


I’m guess #51 is the new Pooh movie that came out last Friday. It got little attention as it came out against Harry Potter. We are going to see it this weekend.


I didn’t realize 50 had come out. A lovely Disney day, that sounds nice.


It took me a couple of months to watch all 50 Disney films. Also the 51st film that I saw in downtown disney was ‘Winnie the Pooh’ from 2011 just as Willbegone said. Also yes I did enjoy doing this and it was a lot of fun.


Wow. Just say this thread. My first thought was “you have too much time on your hands.” Then I realized watching 1 movie a night over a 2 month period isn’t too bad.

When Avengers came out 2 months ago a nearby theater ran a special: $30 got you into Hulk 2, Iron Man 2, Thor, & Capt. America and then the midnight showing of Avengers. I love those movies, but could not sit 12-13 hours of movie!


So cool! How did you get Song Of The South? So rare…


We got a copy of SOS from Amazon years ago. Apparently the sale is not banned in Canada…