I won the grand prize! Now I need Help!


At the Dismeet, the grand prize was a 4 night stay in an All Star Vacation Home Resort home (5-7 bedrooms), and I won it! I am still in shock!

But now for the help part…

My DS is 9 and has always wanted to go to a Star Wars weekend, but we go in January because that’s when my in-laws are there and it works out nicely. So I am thinking I want to use this for Star Wars for him. BUT, my DH is starting a new job on the 31st, so his vacation time is somewhat limited, so we would have to go over Memorial Day weekend.

Looking at the “what day to go to what park” site, it looks like Memorial Day weekend is just EVIL. so I am in a bind…

Has anyone else ever been over Memorial Day? Is it really terrible?


Congrats! I would be in shock as well. I think that is just wonderful…

I have never been to WDW but everything I have read said it was not a great time to go becasue of the crowds.

Sorry I am not more help just wanted to say Congrats! That is just awesome.


We were there on Memorial Day weekend 2006 and it wasn’t as bad as I’ve heard. Of course, the parks were a little more crowded than normal, but it wasn’t terrible. Now, realize, it will be a lot more crowded than what you’re used to in January, but it wasn’t so crowded that it made the parks unmanagable. If you use the FP system, then you should have no problems getting on most of the rides. We waited 20 mins for a few rides, but we never had to wait longer than that.

Now, as far as Star Wars Weekends… WE LOVED IT!!! My wife and I have been a couple times, but this was the first time taking our JD. He’s 3.5 y/o and a Star Wars NUT! It was SO AWESOME seeing him have so much fun. The parade is AWESOME, and all the activities were great. I would definitely recommend it. We were there for over 10 days so we were able to hit SWW for 2 weekends. If you’re interested, check out my trip report. It’s not finished yet, but I’ve got a lot of stuff from the first weekend in there. Here’s the link. http://www.mousebuzz.com/forum/trip-reports/27634-dewmans-long-awaited-perfectly-time-trip-report.html


Oh man, that is so exciting!!! Congrats on winning the ultimate cool Grand Prize!!! Enjoy your vacation!


P.S. Mrs. Pooky… we have gone in May many times… but we always make sure to leave Orlando the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. You can feel the extra crowds that Saturday, but the week leading up to that weekend is deserted… everyone arrives that weekend to start vacation for the following week. Can your DH go the week before?

The good news is that May is the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival, and it is our favorite thing in all WDW. You will not believe the plantings, the topiaries and all the happenings… worth the trip to WDW that month just to see it.

And I wnated to add also, that even if there is a crowd, you will be at WDW during the best month ever, so it will be fun no matter what!!!


congrats! From what I’ve heard, Memorial Day isn’t as bad as, say, Easter weekend or Christmas. I’ve been there the week leading up to Memorial Day and as long as you stick to the plan and use fastpass, you’ll be fine!


Congratulations on winning such a great prize!

We were just at WDW in May over Memorial Day weekend and didn’t think it was bad at all. However, we are used to July/August crowds so May crowd levels were a real treat for us. The days before the weekend were wonderful but did pick up over the weekend but we could still easily mamage everything we wanted to do.


That was you that won that? Congrats!!! I don’t have any advice as when to go but I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time!


congrats what a great prize



I don’t know about the crowds, but it sounds like you are saying this is the only time your DH can go? So, I guess you have to go then, right? Unless I am missing something.

I am sure you will have a great time!


I have nothing to add, except CONGRATULATIONS!:biggrin: That’s awesome! What an incredible prize!


Just seeing those pics has made me want to go that weekend. Your DS is soooo cute. Maybe if we leave Thursday and go to SWW on Friday it will not be as bad. I guess I really should call the house people and see if there are certain days we can come, huh?


My DH figured out his time, and with our trip in January he will only have 3 more vacation days for the year, so he wanted to take 2 days to go and run it over a long weekend. Plus, we cannot go during holidays or peak times (although for some reason, Memorial Day is not a holiday).


It was me-- my daugter was wandering around at one point asking people if they were Karliebug because Val and I had talked and neither one of us knew what you looked like.


That will be awesome—my DH keeps saying that we should use this as an excuse to go see Seaworld or Universal since we won’t be staying on property, but I just want to get the AP for the year and go to Disney anyway!


Congrats!!! You are going to have so much fun!!!


Congratulations!! What a great prize to win! We’ve stayed in pool homes many times and we just love it. Having your own pool is very cool.

As for Star Wars, it’s great fun. Who cares if the park is busy? You have free accomodations. Go for it!


Congrats on your prize!!! That’s such a big deal!!! :c) I hope you enjoy every moment of it!


Congrats to you again!!!
I was so happy that you won that fantastic prize!!!
I almost teared up!!
And I told everyone at my table “I know her!!”



I don’t really have any advice, just wanted to say Congrats !!! How wonderful for you !!