I would like to formally introduce


:simba: :simba: :minnie: :donald: :goofy: :goofybounce: :goofybounce: :goofybounce: :goofybounce: my single digit dance!!!:cheshire: :cheshire: :cheshire: :cheshire: :simba: :simba:

and this time Im doing my dance without the [COLOR=“Red”]4 kids[/COLOR]Man are they mad at me!!:angry: :crying: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Yea! Congratulations!

As for the kids . . . oh well. They’ll get over it. When you return with a really special something from Mickey’s house for each one of them!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


So exciting! We’ll be right behind you! Keep boogying!


Let us know how this goes…we have thought about going down without the kids for a weekend. I’m always afraid that I would miss them the whole time though! :laugh:


Morning, woo!

A child-free single digit dance is worth a big

:laugh: :laugh:


That’s awesome! Keep dancing girl!! WDW is sooo much different with no kids!! And it can be super romantic for you and DH!! :wub:


You can say that again!!!

(on a side note our ren faire starts the week after we get back too… he he he)


I hope you 2 have a blast!! WDW is going to be an awesome experience without kids. Can’t wait to do it myself someday!! Enjoy!!


What fun you’re both going to have. And I bet it will turn out that the kids will have fun too, without mom and dad. And think of all the fun things you’ll all have to talk about. Enjoy!!


You guys are going to have a great time!! If you are anything like me and my husband, we have never been able to ride anything together, because someone is always with a kid!!:laugh: And, with any luck at all, they will forgive you!!:laugh:


hehe, this is just the ultimate SUMMER of Girl Trips! Awesomeness! Have fun woohoo!


We were just saying that we have never been on most of the roller coasters together as we are always doing the kid swap thing. We did do Space mountain though because my SIL goes with us and wont ride that one so we are lucky to have a kid sitter for that one. I think it will be nice to just have eachothers company to worry about this trip- no whining or crying or nap time etc… Im so excited!


No way will you miss them. I actually miss the years when we didn’t have kids and could enjoy Disney-just the two of us.

congrats woohoo, you’ll have a blast


This is not the first trip I have taken without kids- we have also gone to Vt to ski, SF to tour for a weekend and St Louis for Eds 30th birthday. We have the odd occasion where we say “the kids would love this” but truth be told the kids have been to Disney several times. This will be different for us because we get to do things we dont dare with 4 kids in tow. Like traveling to Kona from ASMu for breakfast. That would never happen with a stroller.

And yes- Wishy- this is the summer of the “girl trip” Im bummed I did not latch on to one of the other two but this will be good enough for me… I did do a girls cruise earlier this year.


What can I say but–WOOHOO!!!:laugh:


Congratulations!!! Enjoy the dancing!!!


Have a wonderful time . . . don’t forget to post your TR . . . I just :heart: LOVE :heart: them!! :blush:


Woo-Hoo!!:happy: :happy:


Have a wonderful time!!! DH and I were supposed to go on a kid free trip to WDW this weekend with two other couples but we couldn’t get it worked out.:crying: So… Have a great time and give our love to the mouse!!!


Followed by Guilt… :blush: