"Iam smiling so much my cheeks hurt" Birthday TR


Ok, so not all my pics are uploaded and resized (thanks to photobucket! :glare: ) but I decided to start my TR and I will post some pics along the way as I re-size them!

Cast: Me -Val
DD- Princess Alyssa 9yrs old (soon to be 10!)

Day 1- Friday Dec. 14th-
We got to the airport and on the plane to Orlando w/o any problems! :happy:
All along on the plane ride, I kept looking at Alyssa and smiling as to what was to come for her! Her great big SURPRISE!!! :happy:
We finally landed in Orlando, and Alyssa had asked me on the plane “is Erin picking us up” and I said YES! :laugh: We got our luggage 1-2-3! They came out really fast and we were on our way! Since I booked DME, and we were on the A side of the airport and we had to walk over to the “B” side to get the bus. I told Alyssa along the way that we had to take a bus to Erin’s house instead! We finally get to the area where the DME counter was and I was walking really fast, ahead of Alys and dropped the bags right where the entrance to the line is for DME and told Alyssa to wait here, that I needed to ask them a question! :huh: The CM standing there, said that only one person could get in line and the bags needed to stay there, well I rushed right in line and she noticed that Alys was standing there waiting like I told her to and she kept calling me, saying I couldnt leave her there! Well it was my turn in line (there was only like 1 or 2 people in line when I got there), I checked in with DME and I pulled my digi camera out and ran back over to Alys, with my camera in video mode… I knew I had to say something now, because the CM looked a little upset with me that I did that but I really had no choice w/o giving the surprise away, but after all that, I knew the gig was up and I had to reveal the surprise!!!
So that’s just what I did…

I do have it on video like I said, let’s say if I can post it…


yippeeee, Val’s trip report. Morrrreeee please :smile:


Let’s see if this works!!! :happy:

And let me warn you all that Iam NO professional Videographer! :ph34r: :laugh:

Video of Alyssa01 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


yeah it worked!!! :happy: (I dont know why but she kept calling Erin “Kim”! :laugh:, I do have another friend named Kim, maybe that’s why she kept mixing them up, I dunno…)

there’s another short video that I took afterwards, while we were on line waiting for our bus to show up!!! :happy: If you click next, you can see that one too!
I tried to hide which hotel where we were going, and when we got on line I whispered it to the person directing the people and she didnt hear but she noticed the sign to where we were going (MK hotels), she kept trying to guess and I ended up telling her that we were going to the CBR!!! :laugh: I think once we got on the bus I told her that we were staying at the Poly and she was soooo excited!!! :happy: :cool:

here’s a pic I took of her of her reaction!


Ok so we arrive at the Poly and I got in line for check in and I mentioned that I requested a room in Samoa, and the CM told me that I was getting a very good room and I was sooo excited b’cuz Ginger told me that she had surprise for us and I told her that I was faxing a request to the hotel for a room in the Samoa building on the first floor facing the Nanae Volcano Pool!!! I also asked about where Ginger was and I knew she was working in the Concierge building and the CM directed me to where she was but first we went to our room!!! Oh and we got Lei’s!!! :happy: … We got room 1607 and OMG that room was all that and a bag of chips!!! :cool: :happy: We had THE BEST room in the building!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO GINGER for making it happen!!! :heart: :cool: :happy: We put our bags in our room, I took out a few things and we were off to the concierge building to greet Ginger and thank her. I think you need a room key to get in so a CM had to get up and let us in. I asked for Ginger, who was on break and she led us upstairs to greet her, we thanked her and she let us indulge in soom goodies but all Alys and I wanted was some of that Delish. juice!!! :happy: We chatted for a bit and then we were off for the food court because we were both starving and I really didnt have any breakfast! :blush: I bought a chocolate chip muffin to share with DD, when we left Newark airport but it tasted horribly dry so all I had was coffee and the lil bag of cashews that I got on the plane! We didnt even change our clothes, and it was in the low 80’s and I was wearing my mickey jogging outfit that my mom bought me 2yrs ago in DTD! Boy was I sorry that I did not change! :pinch: So we are at the food court for lunch and it’s around 1:30 I would say and Iam starving and I wanted to get lunch before we headed out to the AK. I was so hungry that I bought too much food!!! :blush: I got a cheeseburger and fries because that’s what I was craving and DD got chicken strips I think with like carrots and a choc pudding I think! :pinch: We tore up the food and left for the AK. The bus was there when we arrived so we hopped on and off to the AK we went! :happy: I dont think the park was terribly crowded but there were alot of people there. When we arrived I got a FP for EE, but also waited in the standby lane and I think it was 20-30mins. Originally we went by Kilimanjaro safari and the line was over an hour long and all the FP’s were gone! :huh: :pinch: After, EE we did the new Nemo attraction which I thought was very good!! I took alot of pics!!! Then we did Dinosaur and ITTBAG, and oh yeah, we missed the Christmas Parade!!! We didnt have much time there so we rode rides instead of waiting and wasting more time! :blush:


Here is a couple pics of the Christmas tree outside the main entrance to the AK

It looks so small sized down! :frown: You can’t see any detail… anyone know how to override the 500 X 400 restriction? :whistling

I think I will call it a nite now, will continue this tomorrow!! :happy:


Wow…Alyssa was so surprised!! I can’t believe how grown up she’s gotten since August!!!

can’t wait to hear more!


I am so happy about your room at the Poly!!! And great pics!


awe the look on her face was priceless glad she was somewhat suprised


YAY!!! This is SO exciting!! She reaction looked completely surprised! Good job! I can’t wait to see the rest :biggrin:


That is AWESOME!!! She looked like she was in complete SHOCK:laugh: What a great surprise.

More, more, more!!!


I am so happy that she was surprised… sounds like you had a great time.


Yay! I was waiting for your TR. Alyssa is so pretty in that first pic - what a big smile!


I can’t wait for more TR! It is so great to surprise a kid with WDW. There reaction is just priceless. The room sounds like an awesome surprise to you both!!! Do you have any pics?


Great photos and what a great TR


Yay TR!! She was so excited!


I agree! It was well worth all the agony keeping quiet about the trip! :happy:

I did take pics of the room, I still need to resize them and post them.


So sorry all for my absenteeism, I was busy the whole day doing christmas cards and sending out pics and the rest of the nite Ive been cleaning!!! :pinch:
We are having company over for dinner tomorrow nite and on Sunday nite! :pinch:

I still need to get last minute christmas gifts too!

Iam no early christmas shopper (nor do I send out cards early) and going away the week before christmas really screwed me up!!! :blush:
Lesson learned: Finish everything BEFORE your trip so when you get home, you can relax!!! Iam also still doing laundry!!! :pinch:

Once I can find time to resize my pics, I can breeze along…


No worries, I haven’t even addressed evelopes for my Christmas cards and it takes them two weeks to get to the states… For that matter, I haven’t printed out the pictures that are suppose to be in them… OOPS…

Good TR! I love the look on your daughters face when you told her. Priceless.


GReat start. DD’s expression is so funny. I love that you were able to keep the surprise that long.

I can’t wait for the rest.