IASW closed because of heavy people..?


Did I hear right, I thought I heard its being worked
on and the main problem is all the extra pounds of
people that get on the ride.:ohmy: Any news out
there? I thank you kindly


I heard that too Franco, but I thought it was the one in Disneyland. Could be a rumor though.


Yes, I meant to say Disneyland.


Its going to open back up around Thanksgiving 08 with Christmas Decorations.


They had to shut down POTC when we were on it one time for exactly the same reason, too much weight in one of the boats! The boat was scraping the bottom and they ask the people to “shift your positions” in the boat.
The funny part was when we got off and the CM jokingly said “salads for everyone today”.


Quite unfortunate, but that was the rumor about 6 months ago. That a lot of those boat rides were getting beached. Cast members were sending boats half full when the line would be in tomorrow land!


It might help if people left those annoying kids that scream their heads off outside. :dry:


What does that have to do with weight? :mellow:


Kids outside = less weight. And less annoyance for those of who love IASW.:ninja:


oh I see…leave the nasty-mouthed teenagers and adults out there too will you. their “positive” nature is overwhelming.:dry:


There is another thread about this called TMZ not so nice :frowning:

Wishy left this comment on that thread which I think sums up a lot:

As Wishy has a tendency to believe Disney reps., I have a tendency NOT to believe TMZ. So, anyway, there is my two cents!


When I retire and work at WDW, I want a job like Willie Wonka’s where I give the annoying ones something to eat and it turns them into something not annoying. A ‘Dream job’ indeed.


Fact is in 1950 the average weight of all adults male and female combined was 150 pounds. Today it is 171 pounds. The average height remained the same. Source: U.S. News.

When the ride was designed they used the average weight in 1950. Today people’s weight has surpassed what was originally designed.

Guess the Disney Dining Plan isn’t going to help matters.


Oh no. How awful :laugh::angel:


Hee! :laugh:

This is actually a pretty old story; and from what I’ve read it seems that more weight was definitely a contributing factor in having to redo DL’s Small World at this time.

As for assuming that other water rides would have to be similarly affected: unless their water depth and other specs are exactly the same, I don’t see that it necessarily follows. I’ve read that some other rides do have similar problems, but that Small World’s twists and turns make the problem worse there.

As for not publicly admitting it- good grief! The last thing Disneyland is going to say is “We think our customers are FAT!” Referring to it as normal wear and tear- yep, it’s normal that boats that are riding lower are going to scrape more and are going to need more maintenance. Obviously the boats had a natural life span; I believe that extra weight shortened that life span. By how much, I have no idea.

What I don’t understand is why this is a big deal. Fact: Americans weigh more now. It’s not a flattering fact, but there it is. And hey: New boats! New boats are good! :happy:


Have to agree with you as always Andrea. Americans and people in general are heavier. I don’t know whether that has anything to do with new boats on IASW or not, but who cares…new boats are new boats. As for people in general being heavier…well that’s a discussion for another forum and one that I see causing hurt feelings. Let’s skip it huh? People who are heavy know they are heavy and rude comments about it isn’t going to make them less heavy.


Thank you Dana.



Disneyland’s Small World set for big rehab
This holiday weekend marks your last chance to ride It’s a Small World at Disneyland before the beloved boat ride undergoes a major overhaul.

The classic attraction goes down for a 10-month rehab starting Jan. 22, 2008, to replace the original flume and fleet of boats used at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair, where the ride debuted.

Disney Imagineers are still trying to decide what — if any — changes and additions to make to the characters and scenes in the 14-minute show. The new Small World ride at Hong Kong Disneyland adds 30 Disney characters to the attraction (including Mulan, Peter Pan and Aladdin).

The Anaheim ride’s long hibernation is scheduled to end Nov. 28, 2008, according to Disney officials.

The Mouse still insists the Small World overhaul has absolutely nothing to do with the ever-increasing waistlines of Americans.

^^^Of course they will not admit that it is because of obesity^^^


Thank you mairinmaureen, I still feel the same way. :laugh:

Who knows, maybe the new boats will be equipped with flat screen video monitors, state of the art individual sound systems, cushy padding, and chrome detailing. HECK, I think Disney should make a reality show of the new boats, entitled “Pimp My Boat!” :laugh:



DL It’s a SMALL World closed due to LARGE People? :whistling