ICE! At Gaylord Palms


Has anyone ever done this???

From what I’ve heard it’s spectacular. You walk through a giant ice sculpture (several, actually) complete with ice slides!!!
It’s 9 degrees - so they hand out parkas for us FLoridians to wear! LOL!..the walkways are carpeted, so my feet will not freeze!

Here is a little description:

Who says the holidays in Florida are all about palm trees and sunshine? Prepare for the coolest winter on record as Gaylord Palms™ Resort presents ICE! An instant dose of winter, this spectacle is made from nearly two million pounds of ice!

This year, ICE! will feature several new and revised scenes, including a heartwarming Victorian holiday scene, a vibrant new Santa’s Toyland, and a majestic Church in the Woods. Back by popular demand, the beautifully lit ICE! bridge, that you can actually walk over, and the breathtaking life-size nativity carved completely of crystal-clear ice. And, of course, three fantastic ice slides will return amid a towering Christmas Castle.

I’m trying to talk my husband into going this weekend…

Here’s the link if you want to check it out.


I’m off to look for discount tickets, as to persuade my husband of the good deal he will be getting.


That sounds like a lot of fun Erin, good luck getting your Dh to agree to go!! :happy:


For some reason the link wasn’t working. I’d love to see the pictures.



Try this



That is pretty cool :wink: I hope you can talk your hubby into it!

My bestfriend moved to Palm Harbor (FL) just a few weeks ago :cry: I’ll have to tell her about this, I’m sure she’d make the drive so her girls could see it.


I saw this on TV last year!!! It looked absolutely AMAZING but it was funny b/c the TV cameras couldn’t be on the ice sculptures for long b/c of the lights so it was fast shots or far away shots. The whole place looked like a winterwonderland & I COULD NOT believe it was ALL ICE!!! Ooo Erin, you should defiantely go! Take pictures, if you can!


Forget the discount…promise him that you’ll warm him up afterwards.
:wink: :wub: :tongue:


That’s looks amazing!! I wish we had enough time to go see it ourselves. The price is a little steep though, especially when you throw in parking fees.


rlcarmichael, I’ll have to promise that, anyway! :wub:

ddoll - it’s gonna cost us almost 60 dollars total just for admission/parking. But, I’m thinking it will be worth it - especially since we’re from Florida, and do not see stuff like ICE all the time! LOL!

I searched for discount coupons and there are none!


I guess they are getting all this ice from the FEMA left over from Wilma.



They do this here in Nashville at the Gaylord Opryland hotel. They have done it now for the last 3 years at Christmas. It is wildly popular. lil brer went a couple of years ago with her dad. She said it was really cool. I’m sure you’ll love it.


I just threw up in my mouth. :blow:


Ouch! :eek:


Greetings from the Great White North! I have just purchased three huge bags of sidewalk salt, a new shovel and new mittens and fleece scarves in preparation for our winter, which will be four months of solid…ICE!!! :ohmy:

I had to chuckle, since all I can be thinking about for the next season is going to Orlando and the Gaylord Palms Hotel so I can bake in the hot sun by the pool!!! LOL! :laugh:


I remember going by the GP when it was being built and it has to be the most amazing resort in the Orlando area. I am with Miss Disney on this one, last night it was in the 60’s and today we are near 20 and with snow. Give me the sun and some sun tan oil and I am good.



Princess sounds like fun


Gaylord Palms. Huhuh huhuh huhuh. Yeah, yeah, it’s like Gaylord and Palms, huhuh huhuh huhuh.
Sure it’s childish, but it’s a big fat target. Or am I the only one that’s getting the joke.


Oh wait, you’re going to PAY good money to see ice? Why not just hang out in Ice Station Cool? Go to Sea World and hang out with the penguins. Sure, it’s pretty, but $60 just to hang out in a hotel lobby that doesn’t even have a monorail running through it?

Would you like some sauce with your raspberries, Mr. S?


Soundgod!!! I do not have pretty ICE here! :c)

So, yeah - I’d pay to go see some! This is not just ANY ice - it’s PRETTY ICE that is SCULPTED :tongue:

My children have never even seen snow. They could count on their hands the amounts of times they’ve been in below freezing weather! LOL!


It’s just my PITA way of saying “Have a very merry Christmas”.