Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich at Disneyland


I just read an article on the homemade ice cream cookie sandwich’s at Disney World and it made me crave going but there and getting one. We won’t be in Florida anytime soon but we are going to Disneyland in April and I was just wondering if anyone knows if they are available any where at the parks or downtown Disney there.


I don’t think so… but there are plenty of other opportunities for ice cream!


Oh… a little research shows that the Cone Shop on Main Street (next to the lockers, NOT the Gibson Girl ice cream parlor) has them.

Unfortunately… it’s not open all that often.


Thank you for the information.


They used to sell them out of the mobile carts with other ice cream treats. Then, about four or five years ago the State of California got all protective about your arteries and thus the treats were “unavailable” due to it’s “unhealthy” list of ingredients when we were there for a bit in '07…

They are back, now, but not quite the same. :pirate: