Ice Cream For Breakfast! (Beer for Wall & Boss)


I that THAT would get your attention! :laugh:

Give Kids the World Village is a very special place that provides the lodging (and a whole lot of love and caring) that allows us to send even more Wish Kids to see THE Mouse. It has more than a hundred 2 bedroom villas that are home away from home for wish families.

It was founded by a holocaust survivor who made his money in the hotel business at the cape and Orlando area, after he was upset that they couldn’t find a place for a wish child.

Everything there is free for our wish kids, yes EVEN

I have visited there several times, and frankly, it’s hard for me to even type this note as it brings back so many memories of Wish Kids that we’ve sent there. For several it was a last trip.

With July being National Ice Cream Month, GKW is holding a special event that you can participate.

Ice Cream for Breakfast :: Give Kids the World

Thanks in advance.



I think Chilly pepper ice cream for breakfast is an awesome idea. Thanks Rich.