Ice Station Cool


On the one hand, I’m bummed that Ice Station Cool won’t be open when we go.

HOWEVER, last weekend, we visited a friend in Atlanta and at the World of Coke, they have the same concept of being able to tast soda from around the world!

I was able to share Beverly with our friend. :eek:

And yes, I’ve confirmed… I still love it! :tongue:


That sounds like it was fun. I think the only thing I liked was the ginger ale type soda. I hope it reopens soon :slight_smile:


I think it was scheduled to re open yesterday, Nov. 17th.


Gee, someone must have an update for us. RTG is on his way there.


yes, we need an update. Details,please. Anyone???


OOOOH…its so much fun to trick people into trying Beverly!!!


I like the Chinese watermelon one!


That’s my favorite too!


Is this person still your friend after beverly? lol kidding of course matt. I think that it’s pretty cool that they have that set-up. I was bummed it wasn’t open on my trip. I love tricking people with beverly…I’l have two fresh victims to trick on my next trip though and that will make up for it.


I hope it really is open again, we haven’t got to try it yet! Hoping to try it in Feb! :mickey:


Good news.
Ice Station Cool is now called Club Cool and is now open.

Go here to see some pictures.


Glad to see it’s open again.
Looks like you’re all set Matt, they opened it up just for you.


yaaaay!! They still have all the flavors! Last I heard they were thinking of not putting that back in. A round of Beverly for everyone to celebrate! :tongue:


What is wrong with that Beverly one? I’ve never been there.


There’s nothing wrong with the Beverly. It’s probably the best flavor there. Make 100% sure you try it on your next visit to Epcot. :biggrin:

I can’t wait. This trip, I’ll have my first chance to have my almost 3 y/o son to try it… :angel:


LOL. This post made me remember a WDW story.

I was in the Ice Station cool and a buddy of mine tried some drink, don’t remember which one, and hated it. He was spitting it out and this British guy walked up and said “Is it bad? Which one?” So my buddy pointed to one and said, “That one. It tastes like dishwashing fluid.” So the guy took a cup, took a drink right from the one we just told him about and said, “You’re right. It is bloody awful.” He then threw his cup away and left. You should have seen my buddy’s face.


Beverly is the only beverage that has made me cry, it was so awful!!! :sad: (My DS tricked me and has YET to pay the price!)
To replicate the taste just swish some club soda around a dirty ashtray and drink :nuke: :blow:


Shhhhhh… Don’t tell them it’s bad… We want them to try it… :angel: