ID question


My husband and I have passports and photo ID’s. Are both forms of ID needed when we go to different ports? It sounds like after boarding in Cape Canaveral we can put our Passports in the cabin safe for the duration of the cruise. [B]The only ID needed at all the ports is our ‘room key ID’ and our [B]photo [/B]ID (license).[/B] Am I correct?


Depends on where you go. Cruise stops are mainly in other countrys so generally you will be clearing customs both leaving and returning to the ship. You will also need you cruise ID to get on and off the ship.

As I recall, your daily newsletter will tell you what you need at each port.


If you are cruising in the Caribbean, alll you will need is a picture id (driver’s license is fine) and room key. You can put your passport in the room safe and forget about it until the end of the cruise.


Thanks for clarifying.