Idea's anyone?


Ok we are planning our trip in Oct 2012 at the Animation Resort. We are all booked and working on a schedule. I was thinking of doing something nice for the Wife and I and was wondering if anyone had ideas. We did get engaged there, and I did a package through the GF with Yacht 1. Obviously I can’t top something like that, but would like to step out of the traditional dinner for two thing.

My parents and brother are coming with us so this is a little family trip too, and we are only going to be there for 7 days. I am open for anything as long as it doesn’t include me dancing the hula somewhere… lol.

I am also toying with something with our two sons who will be under 6 years old at the time of going. Maybe a little family thing… Ok… let the games begin…


If the 2 of you can get away how about a Segway Tour through Epcot or a KTTK Tour. If the whole fam is involved how about a Safari Tour or with it being Oct check to see if they’re doing moonlight hayrides at FW and a bonfire with Chip n Dale either before or after.


How about a Fireworks cruise?


I like Deb’s idea. You can do it for the whole group and surprise them all.


A friend of ours renewed their vows in front of the castle. No one special to officiate just thier own words and thier kids as photographer! have fun!


Isn’t Yacht 1 (as well as The Grand) a Fireworks/Dinner cruise?


A fireworks cruise is a great idea. Of course the normal cruises are on pontoon boats not the Grand1. We did this for my mom’s birthday and she loved it! Anniversary would be great too. It was her treat but all of us got to enjoy it. We are doing another one in just under 5 weeks for DD’s birthday.


It looks like we are going to to a fireworks cruise for illuminations. My brother and my son are celebrating birthdays during the month we go (but not on our dates) but oh well. I spoke with my father and he thinks it’s a great idea and will split the cost with me (which is always nice… :whistling) lol.

Might as well do the birthday thing for the both of them, still toying with the idea of the cake thing. Not sure since we are going to eat at the Yacht Club before the cruise… and don’t want to be :blow:.

Thanks again for the ideas.


That’s great! :happy:


The cakes that you can have made are wonderful. I had a Figment cake made for my daughter this past March and had it delivered to the room as a surprise. I was yummy!!! and sooooo cute.


Do it all! And remember it’s right in the middle of the F&W festival!


If I have to choose one among all. I will also go for Fireworks Cruise. In my mind it is the best idea.