Ideas for Christmas Morning?


I am looking for suggestions on where to go for brunch on Christmas morning. I would like someplace with great food and a nice festive atmosphere. As much as I like “exotic” food, I would like something fairly traditional for Christmas brunch.
We fly out from MCO on Christmas Day around 1 so we won’t be going to any parks that morning. So suggestions for restaurants in resorts, DTD etc would be appreciated. We will have a rental car so even someplace in the area (not on Disney transportation) would be worth considering.
Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


I’d suggest the Cape May cafe’s Goofy breakfast. It will be sure to have all the traditional breakfast foods,plus you’ll be able to wish the Goofmeister a Happy Christmas!!!


Thanks for the suggestion - I guess I should have mentioned earlier that it is just my husband and me. We don’t mind hanging with the characters but if it is going to be a zoo we would just as soon skip the character breakfast.


Doesn’t it make you guys sad to think of CMs working on Christmas? Do you think they get all non-Christian CMs to work that day?


Having been there on Christmas day in 2002, I can tell you that is not the case. Many people will work on traditional holidays if they make a premium for it. In many other businesses, the rate is double or sometimes triple their normal pay rate. Plus, especially in restaurants, people tend to tip a lot more than usual.


I’ve had to work Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Day etc when I was a student. I do feel badly for people that have to but for me it wasn’t all bad. People tipped great (as I do on major holidays) and in one night (New Year’s Eve) between wages and tips I would make over $500! Often, when we have lived far away from family working one or two of the holidays would pay for our plane tickets home and we could then afford to take a little time off. Also, there is something to be said for being in the service industry. If you see your work as more than just a paycheque you can get some real satisfaction out of making someone else’s Christmas exactly what they imagined and then some!
Oh yeah, where was I? Anyone else have suggestions for brunch?


Any other ideas - Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


LOL!! that is exactly what I was thinking!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I can’t think of anything that would be especially festive. If it were me, I think I’d head to the Grand Floridian. They have the BEST decorated hotel, IMHO, between the Christmas tree and gingerbread house. And it’s so cozy there, not as much noise and distractions as at other places and the seating area never feels cramped.


Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll look into that. It also will give us a chance to see the Grand Floridian without making a special trip.


I have heard raves about 1900 Park Fare. It is a character breakfast, but it sunds a little fancier than others.


:laugh: :laugh: love that movie!

Why not go to Boma at the AKL. Excellent breakfast!

If it weren’t for my DD, I’d work on Christmas. My job pays a king’s ransom for a 6 hour shift. :angel: