Ideas for DD 1st birthday at Disney World


I am looking at celebrating my daughter’s 1st birthday at Disney World and and am looking for sugenstions on what to do to celebrate her special day


Welcome to Mousebuzz and congratulations on your daughter’s First Birthday! You can stop into the Town Hall (or any guest services) and get her a Birthday Button, so that CMs can with her a “happy birthday”.

I guess I’m not sure what you have in mind…one is pretty young to really “get” Disney - but maybe you could do her a little scrapbook of “Firsts” - first greeting with Mickey, first ride on Dumbo…

Maybe give us a little more information about your trip and I’m sure mothers of little ones (my little ones are long grown:happy:) will have more ideas.


Like llama, our kids are now 23-30 y/o. It’s been awhile.

One thing I see all the time are parents pushing the envelope. Remember, your daughters schedule RULES!!! If she is cranky find a place for her to rest. There are places throughout the parks where you 3 can find a seat or a quiet place and let her nap. Or if she is on a good schedule plan your park hours around her. If you are staying onsite it is really easy to go back to the resort mid day, take a break, and then head out again.

Remember, you’re all on vacation. Make her first on memorable. Don’t rush like crazy people and enjoy each others time away from the home routine.

Oh, and with a young one, check out the kid swap procedures that many of the rides follow if you both want to ride something. One stays with your DD and then gets on when the first rider has finished.


I think your birthday celebration will be all about the memories that the rest of the family makes with her on her special day. Of course she will not remember anything, however, if you take a lot of pictures and create an album, she can look back on that day with the rest of you.

So…I think your celebration depends on where the rest of the family wants to celebrate. You need to go along with her schedule since she is so young, and remember that a 1 year old is sometimes frightened with some of the Disney characters. You will need to be flexible.

Other than that, I can’t help with specific ideas. We didn’t take our daughter until she was 3, so I can’t speak from experience. (She is 25 now and loves the pictures of her first visit. She says she does remember little bits of that vacation but I’m not sure how much.) :closedeye


Is 1 too young for BBB?


Yes, one is too young for BBB.


You could get a special cake made for her from Main Street Bakery in MK or from one of the resorts?