Ideas for Epcot 25th birthday


what if the united airlines will celebrate Epcot’s 25th birthday. and with little bit adventure with the three musketeers Jeany, Erin, Ingamba. and the new illumnations, new parades for the epcot’s 25th birthday. do anyone had some ideas for the Epcot’s 25 birthday next year.


Well, with only 12 months until the birthday, WDW seems to be slow in adding anything new–if they planned on it.

It would be nice to see the WoL Pavilion upgraded and put into use.


I’d like to see a new country added to the world showcase.


I’d like to see a parade with the characters dressed in their early 80’s spacesuits. Epcot lacks a good parade!

I don’t think any major attractions are in the immediate future for Epcot, especially after just having added a biggie for the 50th. A new country at WS always seems to be under consideration, but I haven’t heard anything definite.

I agree with Cavey, let’s do something with the WOL pavillion that has been closed for what seems like forever.


I am still all for a “Journey to the Center of the Earth” pavilion. Some of you may have heard I like caves, and Disney could do a lot with that theme.


i am thinking for The incredibles ride with Mickey Mouse was captured and the incredibles rescue of Mickey Mouse from the evil Syndrome. The evil Syndrome put Mickey Mouse to the cell block.


Only if they’re in a cave. :tongue:


I forgot about the spacesuits!!! I had Mickey and Minnie figurines with the spacesuits on…ha!


i think that is right Mickey Mouse and the incredibles will be in the cave.:mickey:


i wanted Mickey Mouse with the incredibles in the cave.