Ideas for Thanks


So I am looking for a unique/special way to say Thanks to my Dad for the trip. He is taking our whole family, his kids, spouses, grandkids, parents, etc. Any ideas for a way to “Thank” him. He definately loves Disney, as kids we spent his birthday there almost every year, Nov. 18 - it is also Mickey’s bday!

I would love to hear suggestions or ideas. I was thinking a Mickey head cake, but he is definately not a cake eater…


That is so cool that is my anniversary, even a better reason for my husband to take me to disney nov. 18. why not treat your dad to a "magical " dinner at CRT or some where like that.


How about Leave a Legacy at Epcot, or a brick at the Magic Kingdom?


I think they stopped that. No more Leave a Legacy. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.


How about taking all the pictures and making one mega book of photos from the trip from either photopass (they offer disney themed pages) or shutterfly. They can even be leather bound so it will be beautifull book to keep forever!


It closed you can no longer leave a Legacy. Thank got we have our kids on the wall for three years.:crying:


What about one of the Magic Kingdom tours apparently they are very interesting and informative


As an addition to this you could take pictures from all the trip you have ever taken with him to Disney and make a time-line photo album!

Or if you have one family picture that is really special to him have it blown up and framed professionally etc