Ideas on travel toport canaveral from airport etc


any ideas …on airport to port canaveral to WDW to airport…already booked town car for all three legs for 260.00…any other ideas…we aere using freedom limo…service also any comments on them…have always used tiffany towncar but they were $60 more


We had booked all three legs with Quicksilver. I know them, they were more expensive, but I wanted the good experience versus saving $60., ya know?
I think it’s saving on the wrong end.
My DH did not want to do the bus thing with Disney, just like we never use ME.
It’s a very personal thing, I suppose :blush:


yeah we have always had a good experience with tiffany …that is for many years and trips …so you moight be right about the evil you know vs the evil you don’t that is why I was asking if anyone ever used freedom …good or bad


i just talked DVC the points are good to nov 30 … cannot be used in dec …hope that helps




checked quick silver the difference was 80 dollars…waiting to hear back from tiffany towncar



Our three way land and sea transfer is actually $305.00 (gratuity not included), $45.00 more than the company you are booked with. :angel:

Best regards,

Gregory Nicolas.


please enlighten me your web site says airport to port canaveral…115…canaveral to wdw…155 and wdw…70.00to me that adds up to 340…please explain


maybe he gives you a discount for booking all three legs?



On our rates/quotes page online, under luxury sedan, if you scroll a bit further down you’ll see Land and Sea Transfers $305.00… :wink:

Best regards,

Gregory Nicolas.