Identifying DCers at WDW


I seem to remember a thread about DC members wearing pins or t-shirts to identify themselves at WDW. Am I dreaming? I’d like to be able to say hello!


I have a pin that I will be wearing on my next trip. I have heard of DC ers setting up times to meet.


There used to be some pins, but I think they sold out. I remember talk of Mickey ordering new ones, but not sure if he did.

There’s also a store, a link is on the front page, and you could buy a shirt or other stuff.


I have a DC Pin as well :smile:


I lost my DC pin on the rock-n-roller coaster :sad:


Ok, I NEED one of these DC pins. Any chance there will be any available before I leave for my trip in May?


I have a DC pin but one of the pointy things on the back broke off. Where would you wear your pin if you have one?


I had mine on the strap of my backpack that crossed in front of my chest. Where I messed up was that it had TWO backs on it and when DS lost one from one of his pins I gave him one of mine thinking “it’ll be fine with just one”…yeah…needless to say, it wasn’t. :sad:


I haven’t been able to use mine since I got it. :crying: But, like Allyson, I’d either put it on the front of a bookbag strap, or on the fabric of the bag. I have issues with purposely putting holes in my clothes…


So, Allyson, I guess you don’t have your pin anymore? I didn’t just loose the back to it, one of the entire pointy pins broke off! Maybe I can crazy glue or hot glue the pin to my camera bag.


I have a DC pin!


I just had an idea for a shirt. It would say (on the front or back)…

I’m from DC
(but I don’t mean Washington)


Cute idea CathysCAT! :smile:

And to answer your other question (I posted about it above) nope…the same day I gave DS the back I lost my DC pin on RnR! :sad:


If Mickey went ahead with the new orders, maybe. I think it was supposed to a special design with a limited amount? :huh:

In the meantime, just to make you jealous… THIS IS WHAT YOU COULD’VE HAD!!! :tongue:


That pin is so cool!!! But I would like to suggest a hat! I mean a pin would be cool, but may be hard to see. A shirt would be cool, but you may smell a little if you wear it the entire trip. But a hat could be worn the entire trip and would be quite practicle with the Flordia sun!!! I think a hat would be nice. My vote is for a hat.


I like the shirt idea… you’d just have to get like 4 shirts and if you are staying for over 4 days, do laundry.
I do laundry every 2-3 days on vacation anyway… so it wouldn’t matter.


I actually have a Tshirt from the first official meet and greet that was done here ( by a member that is no longer a member here ) they were really cool tshirts and it has the top ten reasons we post on Dc It had the official logo Of DC on the front


HEY! I was supossed to get one of those pins…from…Erin was it?
I forget…
I wanna pin I wanna pin :crying:

also, ddoll how is production coming on those hats? I’d like to place an order…


Yeah, those pins were not the greatest, I bought 2 and the first one broke when I tried to put it on my shirt. The second one is now lost somewhere here at the house.
But the DC store was a good idea, kippage, I would have totally forgotten about that.

Here’s a picture of what the pin looks like (without the Dopey on there :angel: )


I like the idea of a hat or maybe a visor. I wear my pin on my laynard but no one has ever noticed it. The tshirt is a good idea, but I wouldn’t want to wear it every day.