Idiots will do anything


Man falls at Disney’s California Adventure park - Travel -


I love your title… Idiots will do anything. That is so true…
My first thought was, “Dufus”…


“…there are some indications that the man had been drinking.”

That is usually were it starts.


Wow, this almost tops what Boss got caught doing!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


Lucky for Mr Bozo that it wasn’t 40+ feet. Then it might have been a survival of the fittest thing.
I’m sure Boss would tell you that his excursion was well planned months in advance while this guy was showing off and paid for his stupidity.


This is the type of person that keeps me in business…I could right a best seller on just what I have seen “idiots” do during my career. Imagine if we all go a together and wrote a book…Working title “You Won’t Believe What I am About to Tell You”:laugh:


:huh: wow! He’ll probably try to sue Disney for something now.


I can definatly see that happening! Shame nobody videod the fall and put it on YouTube!


If we look hard enough, we just may find it.


For the record: I was in Delaware at the time and had not yet been drinking.

That being said, check back around 8 when I’ll be at the Phillies game.


Drinking??? You don’t say? I mean, duh, does it sound like something a sober person would do?


“Fan takes out Phanatic. But aleast he had his clothes on, this time. Film at 11.” :eek:

Yes. It was just harder for him to get his leg over the railing. There were 2 of them and they kept moving. :laugh:


if he died would they have buried him at the haunted mansion cemetary?