ID/phone # bracelet


I saw this hint elsewhere, so I can’t take credit for it, but I think it a great idea! Using number and letter beads make a bracelet or anklet for little ones that might get lost with your cell phone number, and name if there is room. Even if your child has memorized your cell number in the stress of the moment they may not be able to remember it.


We also have written all our information on a small piece of paper and put it either in their lanyard pocket or in their pants pocket. DD always knows it’s there incase she ever gets lost…which, thankfully, has never happened!


It is a good idea. Last year, I took my friend and her 5 year old little girl. We bought a slap bracelet and wrote my phone number in permanent marker on the inside of it for her to wear. She liked it because she got a bracelet out of the deal. :slight_smile:


Writing contact info w/Indelible ink - across their foreheads will work fine.


I once saw a several children in a family with “Dad’s Cell xxx-xxx-xxxx” written with a sharpie on each child’s forearm at Disney. Guess this way they can’t lose or forget the number.


But your DW wrote on your’s in invisble ink? And is 999-999-9999 a real number? :laugh:


It was 867-5309 and she told me to ask for Jenny.


Is that what’s under all the makeup on your forehead? I wondered what the tattoo actually was.
Must have taken a lot of beer to have that done. Or did DW wait for you to pass out?


Thats a bit extreme! I know over here we sell small plastic bracelets in bright colours with a pocket window where you put your contact details etc incase the child goes missing. They have this snap fastening mechanism but you can only take them off by cutting through the band with scissors. It’s a good idea because that way, the kids can’t take them off and lose them etc!

I’ve also read that you should take a pictue of your child each morning before you leave so that if they do go missing, you have a very recent picture of them, the exact clothes they’re wearing etc.