iDrive: Hints, tips and must do/see?


So after alot of talking and planning we wont be going to WDW in June as part of our trip, were just going to explore iDrive, we’ve got the Flexi Plus so we’l be able to do all the main attractions outside of WDW.

Anyone have any hints or tips about iDrive? Ive never stayed there or explored it. Any hidden treasures or must do attractions?


I have never heard of it. But really, won’t you miss not going to WDW?




Orlando has a lot to offer besides just WDW.

IDrive = International Drive.

We did the Flex-Ticket one trip. I think it included Sea World, Wet-n-Wild and both Universal parks (IOA and US). For an additional cost you can also add Busch Gardens (Tampa). But, I think that’s it.

Personally I thought it was a great deal for what it offered. But, we weren’t crazy about Sea World or Wet-n-Wild.

A lot of people LOVE Sea World, and my family enjoyed it, but IMHO I thought it was designed badly and didn’t really hold the crowds well. It just always seemed crowded to me (even when WDW or US didn’t).

Wet-n-Wild was fun. My kids are water park fanatics and have been to more water parks than I can count. Wet-n-Wild was HOT!! Granted we went in early August, but there is almost no shade there, and very little theming. It reminded me of a parking lot with rides set up. Wold we go again if we had a free day and no WDW tickets? Yes, but I’d much rather do either Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach in a heartbeat.

Now, US and IOA were awesome!!! We loved them so much we went back the next year for a trip solely for US and IOA. I can’t say enough good things about them. But, stay on-site if you can at all afford it. WIth on-site you can an awesome (although expensive) resort and your room key will get you express access to every ride.


i think it means international drive? i was thinking it was some new website with travel info at first, lol!

i’d go crazy being that close and not going to WDW. but…if you must, then there are outlet malls, lots of restaurants, still hit DTD, you could still do restaurants in the resorts, putt putt, i think there are some museums to explore (maybe just check out a website on orlando, see if you can get a visitors info packet sent to you).

have fun!


Thanks, now I feel like a fool.:redface:


We did Universal/IOA once, and we checked out Wet & Wild, because it was so close. It looked pretty cool. Last year, we stayed at a hotel on IDrive, across from Sea World. It’s all good – REALLY good. But I am so into WDW that I didn’t have a whole lot of interest in any of the other stuff!


oh, lol, i thought it was a new product from Apple. Ya know, iPod, iPhone, iHome…iDrive…:laugh:


I think we are crazy. Our next trip that we are taking we are going to both universals and sea world along with WDW!!! What we are thinking I do not know, we only take 7 days at a time and last time that didn’t even let us see everything in WDW and that was the only place we went.


Sorry about the iDrive thing! Ive been to both Universals before and Seaworld and love them both, we get Busch Gardens and Aquatica on our ticket too which should be great (and wet n wild!)
I dont think not going to do Disney will bother me, it will be nice to experience different things, plus Ill be back and at WDW for 2 weeks, 6 weeks after coming home lol!


I have never been to any other parks in FL other than Disney but I have been on international drive and I LOVE going to the big orange…

It sounds like fun and I cant wait to hear all about it. Perhaps I will have to llo into this because my DH is tired of Disney… Not me …


Don’t feel bad, so do I . I didn’t have a clue.:blush:


IDrive is a good take with some spare time,
along with all the “other” parks. Its great
for people watching, lots and lots of people
just walking around. Ripley’s Believe it or Not
is kind of wacky.