If Frances hits the Cape, where will the ships berth?


Okay, we are now 17 days away from the honeymoon (aww man, that means we are 16 days away from the wedding…dernit.lol) So my question is this, IF that bloody storm hits Cape Canaveral, where will the ships divert to? Will we have to drive all the way to Miami in order to board? and if so, will that change the ports of call?Thanks for any and all help in advance.


I wish I had some answers for you. You should contact your travel agent ASAP and ask him/her what emergency plans that are effect for such a thing. They have to have something planned just in case. I hope this storm doesn’t effect your honeymoon. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!


Cape Canaveral will be fully evacuated by Friday at 10 AM. All ships much be out by that time, and they will not allow any additional ships into port until after it has been cleared and safe. The 7 night that is supposed to come in on Saturday, will not dock until Monday. Same with the 4 nigth to come in Sunday, unless things change.