If I was an Imagineer I would


I would re-design Test Track into a Cars themed attraction. What would you re-design?


I would redesign the castle to make it larger. I always wanted to go into it when I was little… still do.
When we watch anything about WDW, from a movie trailer to a show on Travel Channel about WDW, and we see the castle…, I say, " There is my next house". I am still waiting on the keys…


I would enhance some of the little attractions that you see when you ride the railroad and I think Jungle Cruise could use a re-vamp.


I would do something different with the Stitch attraction at Tomorrowland.
Now if I could only figure out what it should turn into :blush:


I would bring back the Skyway!


Oh I forgot about that! I second that Peppy!


i would also add the monorail to everywhere that does not have it… It is my favorite ride.


[QUOTE=Dopey;1024804]I would do something different with the Stitch attraction at Tomorrowland.
Now if I could only figure out what it should turn into :blush:[/QUOTE]

May I help you? That’s the first thing I would change if I had the power.


yes you may, what are you imagining?


I would like to return the attraction to its original roots but up dated. I don’t know what that would be just yet but it would have a Mission to Mars/Flight to the Moon theme.


Add a hotel actually inside each park… And have some serious Extra Hours !!!


You dared to dream BIG, Wall - I lurve that idea. Let’s do it


For my dgd I’d bring back the Wild Toad Ride. Not my favorite, but she loved it.


I would like to see a new attraction built around the Mary Poppins movie. I can see the vehicles made into umbrellas, and the ride will start with going up to the childrens room via, stair rail. Then you enter the childrens room where really cool games are played and then its off to the park to meet Burt. Then you slip into the sidewalk picture where fantasy will take over:wub:. Ok, thats just a start. I have always wanted to see something like that. I think with the colors you can use and the imaginatian that could be used, it would/could be awesome.:heart:


I like that! Mary is a favorite of mine!


I love all these ideas! I would make a Monsters, Inc ride. I always thought the scene with all the doors would make a fantastic ride! It could be like a rollercoaster in the dark with doors flying by and going through different doors would take you to a different place. Each time could be different!


I would create something futuristic and entirely new, NOT based on a movie or character. I’d use the Stitch space.


Gosh, now we are talking about my kind of thread… My biggest dream is to be an Imagineer. Anyone get me an interview?

  1. I completely agree with above, extend the monorail to all Disney resorts/parks. I know it isn’t cost effective to add the track and service to the whole property, but that is the magic of Disney. Sometimes you just have to implement items that aren’t as cost feasible as you would like to maintain the superlative image of the service/park. Maybe you can wait until the economy recovers, but this is a project you need to start on.

  2. Backlot Tour- This needs refreshing. Catastrophe Canyon is cool, the trams are great, but the view/items you see are no longer up to date and visibly appealing. Improve the item visuals, improve the backlot visuals (costume shops, scenery shops, etc), and improve the scenario. I could write on this for hours. It is a great experience, we just need to see it updated.

  3. Stitch’s Escape- I completely agree. Lilo and Stitch have almost lost all their relevance. I love the movie, and the conceptual tie is great with the Polynesian (my favorite place). However, we all know the former concept and Stitch both just don’t cut the Disney mustard. We need something new in this space. There are lots of options here. What about Wall E and its ecology message?

  4. Freshen up Jungle Cruise. I know it is the original, and the concept is great. But again, the visuals are tired, the settings are old, and we just need to incorporate some modern technology into the ride. By no means do you need to kill it, just update it. Another thing I could talk for hours on.

  5. New Pavilions in Epcot. I know there is space for a few more. Time for Spain, Greece, Russia, Australia, something. I personally think Russia could be phenomenal, Greece could be beautiful, and Australia/New Zealand would just be great as well. I would love to see one of these happen.

  6. Animal Kingdom. Something has GOT to be done about the flow in that park. The area around the Safari entrance is impossibly crowded and poorly flow managed. I am becoming more and more a fan of this park, it is time to see some crowd/flow management be put into place.

Man, these were just thrown together in 12 seconds. I have tons of ideas for updates. Wish I had that roll.


I would completely overhaul the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse into a Tarzan attraction!

  1. Finish Animal Kingdom. I would add in totally redo and expand the area around Camp Minni Mickey, all the way to the river boarder at Africa. This would included a number of rides like a coaster, water ride, 2 or 3 dark rides.

  2. Replace the coaster in space mountain. Keep it a 2 coaster setup but more like RR. Smooth launch with loops and tight corners that mix the 2 coasters in the same space. Start the coaster halfway to 2/3 the way up the mountain. Save the lift chain to pull the trains from the end back up to the loading area (so you don’t really do the lift chain thing as a rider). NO MUSIC! BETTER STAR FIELD with floating space stations, galaxies, meteoroids and time/space tunnels like the one in Buzzlight year spin.

  3. Replace Stitch with a new 4-D motion platform ride that is randomized theme so you never ride the same ride twice. The Theme could be based on the classic to the Moon/Mars or TRON.