If I were a Disney World attraction, I'd be


What attraction would you be? This can be based on your size, your personality, your favorite ride, the first attraction that pops into your head, anything!

I think I’d be Space Mountain. I’m always truly happy when I’m flying through the dark on that ride! :happy: It makes me feel alive, excited, and relaxed, all at the same time!


The Jungle Cruise…I am full of bad jokes that nobody gets…


I totally agree! I have even had dreams where I was flying through space. The ride is a great feeling. I feel like I am so free on that ride. :cool:


I would be Tower of Terror cause you never know what to expect from me next! :happy:


Love the imagination


I said RnR cuz my life often seems upside down!


Hmm, I had to go with It’s A Small World. Not the most exciting, thrilling or daring ride at WDW, but an enduring classic. And a lot more fun than it might appear at first glance - you just have to give it a chance! (plus it was my favorite ride when I was five)


CoP for me. Walt Disney at his finest. Imagination, innovation, all of the things that we associate with Walt. I also like the message in this attraction. At every point in our recent history, the prevailing opinion is that we couldn’t have it any better than we do at that point in time. And yet we keep progressing, just as Walt did.


well, out of the rides I’ve seen in Disneyland, I think I would be Sleeping Beauty’s (or WDW’s Cinderella) Castle.
I have a HUGE vibrant personality and I love bringing Magic into peoples lives :wub:


I voted “other” because I think I would be the “Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” ride. HAHA… HEAR ME OUT NOW!!!

It’s colorful, full of surprises at every turn, it can be bouncy yet simple, and makes children smile :happy:

BUT… can also be dizzying!! heehe!!!


:wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
That made me cry :crying: what a great paragraph!


I’d be the Haunted Mansion.
We have lots of fun at Halloween, and its such a classic attraction.


ToT…Make some very Happy make some very sick. :smile:


if i were a disney world attraction, i’d be soarin’ to break free.:mickey:


DITTO! And when I say something, sometimes they laugh, sometimes they shoot me very confused looks, sometimes it’s just glares. But I am never afraid to look stupid in front of people. :happy:


You’re very sweet, Jeany. I :heart: You.


I FEEL THAT SISTA! :happy: I am totally Winnie-the-Pooh ride.

I’ve liked Pooh all my life, most little kids like me, and I have shy Piglet moments, bouncy Tigger moments, know-it-all Rabbit moments (yeah, yeah) and plenty of simple-minded Pooh moments! :angel:


I’m the Peter Pan ride. Drifting around, floating along… and I want to fly!


woo hoo from baloo…JUNGLE CRUISE!!!


LOL! :pinch: