If it walks like a duck


if it walks like a duck, it must be my granddaughter

So where should we start. I guess cast…me- grandma-50
Alexandria- DGD- 18 months
Becky -DD-27
Casey - DSIL - 27

Tues. Sept 26, The kids drove down from State College area and got in about 10 ish. Wed. Sept 27, got up at 3 a.m. (after going to bed at 11 p.m.) Got to the phila airport about 4:40 and had to wait until 5 a.m. for southwest to open up the check in area. I like SW, but how dumb is that. Why tell people to get to the airport 2 hrs early, if the check in area doesn’t open until 90 min before you take off? So we get checked in, get thru security with no problems. My DD was allowed to take a sippy cup with milk thru, and had no problem with the new updated carry on rules. The baby was eating an english muffin and we found out it’s against federal rules to carry food thru the medtal detector. Even though we boarded the plane separatly, I sat across the row from the kids. The baby slept all the way down. ME was fine. We waited about 15 min in line before getting on the bus. The film thing wasn’t working too well. Lots of jumping and stuff but it kept the baby entertained.

So we get to POP about 11ish. As we were walking into the lobby, I said to my DD, “I hope we don’t get the 90’s”. So anybody want to guess where we ended up??? We asked about other rooms, we even said they don’t have to be next to each other. She said she didn’t have anything else. She had two rooms over in the far side of the 50’s, but they weren’t ready yet. I knew Casey would want a room now, so we said just give us the 90’s building. So we walked and walked and walked. I think I could see the airport from my room AND it was on the second floor. I don’t like upper floors. So I called my DH to tell him where we were and that I wasn’t happy and this and that and I wasn’t happy and everything else and I wasn’t happy. So after I complained to him about the room location for about 10 min, I’m ready to say goodbye so he says (in a fake voice) thankyou and have a magical day!! I was ready to smack him. The next morning when I went out at 6 to get coffee, I felt very uneasy. I didn’t use the elevator and even using the stairs, I felt like I should be looking over my shoulder for the bad guys. There was no one around. I know it sounds silly, it’s just the inner city in me. The next day my DD said she smell cigarette smoke in her room and asked me about it. I didn’t smell anything in my room and thought maybe it was from outside. But she called and they offered to move her. It wasn’t much of a change (one building closer) and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to pack up again. But we moved and it turned out to be a first floor room. For those who stayed in the 90’s, we were in the parking lot side of the pacman building. So you could walk across the parking lot to the bus area. I was happy to have a first floor room.

So we head out to MK. I went out on my own and I was looking for the CS by pirates. I thought I had read it was opened for lunch, but it wasn’t. So I ate at columbia harbor house. I ate upstairs by a window. Very nice. However climbing those stairs with food could be tricky. Someone lost a soda (Not me, honest) on the stairs.

So then I hit some rides. Little or no waitng. I went on pirates, haunted mansion, pooh, peter pan, small world, mickey’s philamagic, and snow white over the course of two or three hours. And then it was time to be the grandma.

The kids went to CP for an early dinner. Alex didn’t make it all the way thru. She was afraid of Pooh and friends. So I got her and we checked out the ducks running around while Becky and Casey finished dinner.


I wish I had had one of you around when my kids were little! Actually, just my DS - I can’t tell you how many meals I never got to finish in restaurants.

Can’t wait to read more.


Alright Jo-Jo, a trip report!
I just have a question, which I wanted to ask for a long time now, why are you guys so “segregated” from each other? Why are you and the baby or sometimes just you seperated from the family?
If you have explained that in another thread then I apologize, I didn’t catch it.


sorry about your room location. I know how annoying it is when you get a not so good one. Can’t wait to hear more.


My DD and family were going on a trip. I later offered to come along to babysit. I didn’t want intrude on their trip but to enhance it. With me along, DD and DSIL could do “couple” things that you can’t do with a toddler. At other times, they could do “family” things. I wasn’t going to be a “I’m too hot, too old, too chicken to do those things, so you have to do what I want” type person. As a new mom there were times I found it to be a very very tough job, so I wanted to give this gift of free time to them.


Sorry that you weren’t too happy with Pop. I hope we find that it gets better for you as your TR unfolds.

Looking forward to reading the rest. :happy:

Oh yeah, how 'bout some pics? :biggrin:


JOJO!!! :heart:

I can’t wait to read more!! I wanna know how your days went! :wub:


Jo-jo, I think you are awesome :wub: My mom loves to help us out too, and time is what she has to offer. She knows that couple time is important for my DH and I, and that gramdma time is important for our kids. I think your daughter is like me–LUCKY to have a thoughtful, caring mom.

I can hardly wait for more!


one word…THOUGHTFUL:wub:


I don’t remember what happened after that and the rest of the week is sort of all a jumble, so this is where the general thoughts and memories come in.

grand kid stuff;
Going thru small world. I think she thought it was one giant daycare. As we went thru she kept bobbing and shaking her head like the dolls. On the last day, my DD said Alex kept waving to all the dolls.

We went to the playhouse disney thing at MGM.  Before the show Alex is bopping and hopping, during the show....nothing...after the show, back to dancing.

Loved living seas.  I took her one evening at about 7.  The upstairs was pretty empty so she could roam free.  She had a great time running around looking at the fish.  I had hoped to catch the kidcot thing but it had closed by the time we got there.

Kidcots.  Great idea but why oh why do they only have markers???  We stopped at the land and they had a few crayons from the garden grill.  But markers are the norm.  In fact at Mexico, they had sharpie permanent markers!!!  Guess who didn't go there!  So after I realized markers were the norm, I brought crayons with me.  Alex just loved sitting coloring with the big kids.

If anyone saw a screaming kid in a pink "jeep" stroller at MGM one day, that was us.  One day Alex was just beside herself.  She was crying, falling over the side of the stroller.  I asked her, want sippy...no......want grandma to carry.......no.....hungry.....no......then we saw Jo-Jo.  She started waving.  We got in line and she couldn't wait to see her.  Of course when it was our turn, she turned shy.  So I'm trying to get her to  say hi and take video at the same time.  I knew it wouldn't be good, but I thought I'd get something besides sky or ground.  Then we saw people from little Einstein.  Sorry don't know who is who.  The pictures were better there. Then we went to get food at Flat bread grill.  We ordered and then waited and waited and waited.  Alex fell asleep waiting. So I sat and waited while Mom and Dad showed up. 

Now referring to my tr title.  Alex has this walk where it's part waddle, part hip-hop, part swing and sway.  She just likes to dance around in her own little world.  A few times when we were apart for a few hours, she would see me and come running to me like we haven't seen each other in months.  I love it.

Before the trip I had talked about strollers and baby carriers.  I had a hip pack that was never used.  My DD had the baby pack that was a front, back or hip pack.  That was used about three times.  The stroller was used the most.  In fact it was a great game after coming out of a ride, I would tell her go find your stroller.  That would keep her busy for a good 5 or 10 min.  However as I thought, I couldn't handle the baby and stroller on the bus, so when I had her, I stayed where ever her parents were.

Alex loved the pop jets.  She never got wet, but loved running around just getting her feet wet.

One night my DD got VIP spots for illuminations and Alex slept thru the whole thing.  

 One evening I was on my own and Becky, Casey, and Alex came over to MK about 6:30.  They found a spot on main st for spectromagic.  So I'm going to pick up a sandwich and I get a call, get something for the Alex.  So I carry my sandwich, carton of milk, mac and cheese meal and assorted napkins, forks and stuff, thru fantasy land down main steet.  Becky jumps up to go help her husband who is getting food from someplace else.  Casey shows up 5 min later with food.  Becky shows up 5 min after that.  Alex is happy eating mac and cheese and french fries.  Adults are going loony trying to eat sitting on the curb while Alex is jumping around.  The CM calls all the kids into the street to play "Mickey says".  Of course Alex wants to go play with the big kids.  So the parade starts....Alex is hugging her father with all her might.  She is scared.  Then she sees Mickey and does a little wave.  As the floats go by, she gets braver and braver.  Then the queen of hearts comes over.........hmmm.....not to sure if we like her.  But then Pluto comes over........Alex starts to cry.  She is afraid of dogs.

I took Alex to see lion king.  She seems to like the show except when people came over, she got worried.  At the end when they pick a few kids to dance down front, she really wanted to go.  I think she felt it was like at spectromagic where lots of kids got to play.

I’m sorry, this is the most boring TR ever.


This is not a boring trip report at all. I like hearing about your trip. please continue.


No…not boring at all! I am enjoying hearing all about your trip:) It sounds like Alex really enjoyed IASW, Living Seas and the Kidcot stations!


Jojo! THis is an awesome TR! I am loving your adventures with Alex.

I noticed just the markers, too, and the kidcot stuff, and I’ve often wondered why! LOL!


I can’t wait to hear some MORE!!! :heart:


that was awesome!! what great memories you and your family will share. I wish I had a mom like you…my parents are both gone. So treasure these precious moments…


Assorted thoughts, good and bad;

The times I had to myself with a large chunk of time, was very pleasant.  I saw things, yet didn't have this "got to run and get this and that done" thinking.  I think I could do a solo trip aside from meals.  I do think eating could get lonely.  I would need a book to bring along. 

One evening I had an unhappy event at epcot.  I had Alex with me.  After playing at innovations for a while, we went to electric umbrella for some food.  After waiting about 10 min and the line didn't move we left and asked the CM at the tip board if there was any place else to get food in future world.  She told me no, just some carts.  So I said thank you and she answered "no problem."  Sorry, that sounds sloppy to me.  I think she should have said you're welcome or happy to help.  Something like that.  So we looked for the carts by test track.  We had a choice of soda, beer, or pretzels.  I would have settled for a pretzel if I could have gotten some milk for Alex, but no milk.  So we went back to electric umbrella.  We then waited a full 20 min. and still had 5 people ahead of me before we even got to the register.  So we left. I asked a CM cleaning tables if there was a manager around and said I waited for 20 min and the line wasn't moving.  She told me, you can't get served unless you wait in line.  (that didn't add to my happiness) You can only keep a kid in one spot for so long.  We went up to world showcase (which I wanted to avoid because of crowds) and got milk and chicken nuggets at mcdonalds.  Later I stopped at guest services to complain and the CM told me that the CS at the land (seasons??) was opened until nine.  So the CM at the tip board was wrong.  Happy, happy, happy.

One morning at POP, I was carrying Alex, got a kids meal and a 16 oz carton of milk.  I go to pay.  The cashier tells me the kids meal comes with a small drink.  Ok, I go get the small milk.  Ready to pay.  Oh, says the cashier, you don't have the meal plan???  No, I don't. So now I'm paying for the small milk instead of the large milk I wanted to start with.  I thought the cashier was telling me the drink was included like in the parks.  No, just with the meal plan.  ok, just give me the milk, I'm not going to switch again.  Sooooo later I talk to food court manager person and go thru the story.  And he tells me, starting that morning, the kids meal DID include a small drink like in the park.  I'm telling him the story just because I'm hauling this 24 LB kid back and forth to the milk case and the cashier doesn't know all the details of buying food.  And then I find out I shouldn't have paid for the small milk after all.  I was upset that the large milk (with my DDE) would have been 1.70 and the small is 1.10.  I was trying to save money with the large milk, then I find out I was charged the 1.10 wrongly.  He asked if I had the receipt, they would refund the money, but of course, I didn't have it.  

ERIN.................do I need to say more??????  So after we play phone tag for a day and half we meet up.  But only after............are you ready for this.............I get lost at POP and Erin comes to find me!!!!!    Yes, it's true.  Erin had to find me.  So we had the shortest meet and greet in history.  I think 20 min.  I met her sweet kids.  Her little miss caisley was a little concerned about seeing my Alex.  Let's see... two little kids, one stroller.  I think I better jump into my favorite stroller before that new kid gets it.  We are all talking by the door and miss caisley is sitting in her stroller by the bathroom.  So then I make a great impression by calling her DH by the wrong name.  So lets keep count....... I get lost, I bring a kid ready to steal miss caisley's favorite stroller, can't remember her DH's name............sounds like a lasting friendship to me !!!!!!!

Tues night we go to Ohana.  First they seat us away from the main dining room.  I knew my DD would be upset, so I say better say something right away.  We did and at first they said it would be at least 45 min wait.  But we decided to wait.  It turned out to be about 20 min.  I knew Becky wasn't going for the food, but to see Alex do the dances and stuff.  So we had a good time and left about 7:20.  Spectromagic was starting at 8 that night so I figured I would stand where ever I could.  We got to MK a few mins. later and there was a spot on the curb near where the parade starts.  I was surprized to find something.  Becky, Casey and Alex went to toontown.  The never got there all week, so this was their last chance.  So I'm sitting there all happy to sit on the curb.  And it dawned on me, at home we want a nice sofa, comfy chairs but at disney we are thrilled to be able to sit on a stone curb for an hour.   Boy do they have us hooked.  

After spectromagic, I made my way up toward the castle to watch wishes. Wait… some back story here…since I flew SW I wanted to try to get a “A” boarding pass, but since I went to dinner with the kids I couldn’t do the 24 hr thing. I sort of figured I’d get whatever seating. ok back to the story. Becky is going to watch wishes toward the front of main steet so they can beat some of the crowds to the bus. She trys to find me to get my room key to get the info. She can’t find me, I tell her never mind. I watch wishes. Then I high tail it out of there. Not running over people but doing a very very quick step (while singing “the ants are marching one by one”) and I get to the POP bus stop and there are two buses waiting. I get on the first bus and get to POP at 9:44. Since I was standing, I jumped off the bus, ran ( well, sort of ran) to my room, got the info, back to guest services (which closes at 10:00) and was in line by 9:50. And then I got my boarding pass which was a…drum roll, please…an “A” boarding pass. Whoo hoo. No center seat for me…

Last morning, I decided to be nice to a few CMs.  After I walked into MK.  I said hello to Caroline a popcorn person.   I walked into city hall and stepped upto the counter.  I said to the CM "I don't have any problems, but I know you will be listening to people and their problems all day, and this is my last day so I wanted to wish you have a good day, keep the magic and spread the joy"  The CM (whose name I don't remember) smiled real big and reached over the counter to shake my hand.  Gave me a good feeling.   At peter pan, after passing some very grumpy cms, as I was getting off the CM had a big smile.  I walked past and then stepped back and said "I've seen some CM's that aren't smiling, they should use you as an example"....The CM said thank you and smiled again.

more stuff tomorrow


tissue alert-----this is a tissue alert-------

At lion king near the end of the show they sing the circle of life song. Well, some of you know my mom passed away two weeks before Alex was born. That thought occurred to me when the song was sung and the tears started. I really miss my mom and I so wish I could share Alex with her. She would have loved her to pieces.


Sounds perfect. I don’t think a little down time to yourself at WDW is such a bad things…sounds kinda good to me…lol


How very nice of you. I do hope as I read on that the Pop was the only “not so great” thing about your trip…here I go to read more


Hey, Jo-Jo! Welcome back! Your trip sounds almost perfect, you were at WDW with your family, all the things that went wrong were little things and don’t sound like they ruined your trip at all.


jo-jo, this is a great trip report. Thank you for sharing with us. Your DGD sounds like a dream, and she is very lucky to have you.