If it was you, what would you do


As some of you may of heard I am getting married. :ninja:

Anyways, we have been talking about our honeymoon a lot and starting to plan it…well…I have been planning it…he has been nodding his head in agreement and mumbling about Beirgarten.

We realized that if we could stay 6 nights at AKL with the dining plan
7 nights at POR or POFQ with the dining plan for about $500 less.

It is our honeymoon so we want to do it right BUT both of us are in our first few years in the “real world” so therefore…we are not rich.

So should we splurge or sort of splurge?

We have stayed at POR before AND OH MY HOW ROMANTIC…
:wub: :wub: :wub:

I love AKL but the idea of spending $250 dollars on a hotel room…makes me nervous…considering thats like, half our rent.


Have you considered trying to rent points from a DVC owner? Then, you could stay at one of the home away from home resorts for what you would pay for Port Orleans. Just a thought.


BELLA… ANIMAL KINGDOM LODGE. End of discussion. It will be fine, i know it’s nervewrecking to take a big step but you will NOT be sorry. In my opinion the difference of $500 on your honeymoon isn’t THAT much in perspective. I know it’s your dream resort and i say GO FOR IT :smile:


it’s your honeymoon! it only happens once and you deserve to splurge…
take it from someone who didn’t and regrets it to this day!!!

we cruised and stayed in a inside cabin figuring it would save us some money… what a mistake especially for our honeymoon.

but it’s really up to you guys what you feel is right for you!


Hmm…I’ve stayed at both…AKL is very cool!! (half your rent?? I wish there was rent like that here!) but…you get one more day if you stay at POR/POFQ? That’s a tough one…Well…they do have the horse drawn carriage rides at POR!!! But…it’s your honeymoon so now’s the time to really splurge…Guess I’m no help at all…sorry :nonono2:


really? I hadn’t thought of that…can you still get the dining plan with that?


Yes, you can get the dining plan as a renter.

I hate making decisions like this–save the money or go for it…We stay at CBR for our honeymoon and it waas fine, no regrets.


I do have to agree and say that this is your Honeymoon, do it right…but then the conservative side speaks up and says we could use this money for something more practical…so…Why not do both, spend a couple of nights at AKL and move to a less expensive resort for the rest of your trip? That way you can stay at your dream resort AND not spend 1/2 your rent per night your entire trip???


I would choose POR or POFQ because $500 is $500! And 7 nights is better than 6! You could save the extra $500 for something you need to start your life together or (and this is what I would vote to do…) start a WDW savings account! $500 would be great to put toward your next trip! Save enough $ to stay at the AKL for your 1st anniversary. My rule is…if I am ever unsure of spending extra $, I shouldn’t!


Ditto…(can you tell we’re related??)


You answered your own question. GO to POR or the POFQ. Both have some serious romance there and you can save some money and stay longer. Please go to the FQ and request a king room. Can’t get more romantic than that. AKL is one of my favorites, but POFQ is too. You can’t go wrong with either. Save the money. I don’t think you will be having a hard time finding romance no matter where you stay…its’ your honeymoon after all. :wub:


so would you reccomend POFQ over POR?

We have stayed at POR before…I loved it, but I would like to stay at POFQ also.


Yes, go to POFQ. I am sure that POR is wonderful, but this will give you a chance to try something new. I sware it’s gorgeous. You are going to love each staff member. I sware it’s the best WDW service I have ever had. If I didn’t have a group of 6 this trip, I think I may have gone back there.


With DVC points you can get the dining plan if you pay for it, but if you are going during the “free Dining package” time, then no you cannot get the free dining…just wanted to make sure you knew that Bella.


I only stayed at POFQ and it was great! The boat ride from FQ to R was so peaceful. You could go to R for meals, bikeriding etc via boat. And as Dana said, it would make your honeymoon a new experience since you have not stayed there yet.


unfortunatly i missed this by a week.

and no

no one will let me move my wedding up a week. :pinch:
trust me, i asked.


Bella, take all the advice!

My opinion, is if you don’t do it for your honeymoon, it’ll be twice harder to get the money together for a later trip, once your really ‘in the real world.’

Besides, after you open up some of those oh-so-wonderful gift envelopes after the reception, the added cost won’t hurt so much!


I’ve stayed at both POR and POFQ. POFQ is much smaller and very romantic. You can also take the boat or walk over POR for the horse and carriage ride, VERY ROMANTIC!


I nearly forgot about the horse and carriage…it looked so romantic when I seen it. Bella, you must go to POFQ…the horsies want you to…lol



QUOTE"Besides, after you open up some of those oh-so-wonderful gift envelopes after the reception, the added cost won’t hurt so much!"

OH!!! I TOTALLY forgot about this part!!! In that case…follow your heart! :heart: