If it's raining?


On our last day at Disney there is a 40% chance of rain predicted. How do you handle Magic Kingdom during the rain? Are there rides that shut down? I am hoping I don’t have to spend hours in stores waiting for it to pass by.


There are plenty of indoor attractions to keep you out of the stores. Unfortunately they’ll keep everyone else out of them too.
I say pack a poncho and don’t let a little water stop you. Many may not be prepared and may leave, which will shorten your wait times considerably.


I agree with Cyndi…

We have found that many times if it rains, people will leave the park because they don’t come prepared…there awe so many indoor things you can do until it blows over…plus—half the time the weatherman is wrong!!! You may find by then that the prediction has changed…


The best time to hit the rides is durring a rain storm. People will be running for the stores or out the gate, if they show up at all.

Our kids got TOTALLY SOAKED one trip in Epcot. It was the most fun they had that trip. And we hit everything except TT which was down. No lines anywhere.

You can always dry out later.


I slap a poncho on and go at it like a champ. Most attractions are indoors. Rain to me equals less people - enjoy it! It’s just water.


Rain does not enter into the plans. Buy the ponchos and keep going. Maybe I would change to Epcot, because there’s a lot more indoor stuff to do at Epcot. And don’t trust the weather forecast anyway. It’s never right.


We got doused on our last trip at HS. Now- that was not fun with a baby in a stroller. It was the storm that would not quit. We were stuck in a shop, thankfully, but it was the downpour of the century… We ended up leaving after an hour and checking the radar and seeing that it was not going to stop… That was ok though- we were exhausted by that point… If we had been in a different park, or point in our vacation- I would have just trudged on. It was hard with that stroller though…


One of our favorite days at WDW was one where we bought ponchos and headed to Epcot in the rain. In fact, I believe my profile pic was taken that night.

I agree with llama, that Epcot is the best park to do in the rain, but you will have fun at MK also. The only ride I wouldn’t ever do again in the rain is BTMRR, but that is just because the drops stung our faces a bit. It wasn’t miserable, but wouldn’t necessarily do it again.

Buy the ponchos, tour as usual, and be prepared to have a great time.


The others are right – bring ponchos with you just in case. Also, it’s rare that you have a complete day of rain in central Florida, so I wouldn’t be overly concerned.


I agree with Llama that they are never right with the weather forecast. We had one trip that my family back in IL was convinced I was having the worst weather trip ever, raining every day (per the forecast). When in fact, it only rained 15 minutes total the entire week. That being said, although a poncho owner and have gotten miles and miles out of them, the last couple of trips I have found a lightweight rain jacket from Gander Mountain that rolls up into a tiny carrying pouch that I can attach to a beltloop. I like that a lot more, as the ponchos have a habit of blowing in the wind, and the hood always seem to be covering too much (going into my eyes) or too little, pulling back and half my head gets wet.

Regardless, go have fun in the rain. And, yes the raindrops do sting a little on BTMRR, but its something you should experience once!


Pack a poncho (and a rain cover if you’re bringing a stroller) and hit the park!! Parks are typically less busy in the rain, so you can enjoy the park without the crowds.
We’ve always hit some sort of rain at some point of our trip, and those days turn out to be some of the most fun. Wear sandals that will dry quickly like crocs etc. and you won’t have to worry about your feet.


Pack your ponchos and enjoy, some of our best times have been in the rain. Although, most times we pack our ponchos it never rains.


We pack dry clothes in zip lock bags. The (bus) ride home can get chilly in wet clothes.


Awesome idea thank you.


Where do you put your tutu?


I would have guessed that by the time you leave the park you’re not feeling much of anything.


Every time it rains
It rains…pennies from Heaven.

I go with the folding WDW or Mickey umbrella. I think they work better than a poncho that you’ll have to take off and put on every time you enter a building and deal with holding the wet thing in your lap. If I were going to be outdoors for multiple consecutive hours before coming in from the rain, I’d go with the poncho, and a better one than they sell when the first drops fall.

And you should consider getting a locker to hold dry footwear and socks if there’s a strong chance it’s going to rain for extended periods.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :wink:


In my Shoe shoe

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(go ahead - chew on THAT for a time)


last june we went to AK and it started raining about 10am…a nice light rain that made most leave. we bought (a little high priced) disney ponchos and had no waits in all lines. we rode EE about 15 times 3 pairs we didn’t even have to get off. the next day there was a chance of rain and we were headed to the MK. it was nice when we arrived. in order not to have to carry our ponchos all day we rented a locker and had dry clothes and our ponches there. it ended up raining some while there but again the crouds thinned out…it was the best time