If money was not an issue


If money was not an issue, where would you stay and why?


Grand Floridian- with a castle view… in the largest suite available… I would want to watch the fireworks from the room!!! Too bad I have a champagne tast with a beer budget!!! Oh well!!! At least they are not all this expensive, or I would never get to go at all!!!


WL!!! I have wanted to stay there ever since I walked into that beautiful lobby!!! It took my breath away! I’d probably like to try AKL as well, but only after I stay at WL first.


If money was not object I’d stay in all the deluxe resorts(suite of course) to see which was my favorite and then stay there for at least a month!


I’d so do Grand Floridian again, but in a castle or lagoon view suite.


Best Suite at the GF…and do the $500,000 MK wedding package so I could invite all my DC friends…Just need to find an awesome lady who would put up with me.:wink::smile:


Contemporary, Tower View. I like walking to/from MK. Looking over Seven Sea’s Lagoon from the balcony, seeing the castle changing colors at night, watching the monorails run…all while throwing back a few cold ones while the kids are completely exausted, sleeping in their beds. Well, it just doesn’t get any better than that!


I’d do a split stay Poly for the MK and Boardwalk for Epcot and MGM.


The International Space Station.


Hmmm… I want to start with a Garden Suite at the Boardwalk.


Polynesian, in a water view suite…looking at Cinderella’s castle…


Buckingham Palace wouldn’t be bad.


The mega suite at the Polynesian or my own piece of paradise in Hawaii or Italy. A girl can dream…


The secret apartment in Cindy’s castle…


Why pick one place?!

Make it an extended vacation and stay 2-3 nights at every resort!!! :wub:


I would get the biggest, baddest suite at the Boardwalk Villas and I would have all my friends there with me, and the kitchen would be STAFFED, and we’d have a bartender and passes to everything all the time! And a couple of massaeuses would come in to work out all those kinked muscles at the end of the day, and a hair stylist so we all look great when we go out at night.

Aaaaahhh, that felt great!


At the GF in the Turret Room. I was only there one night and really didn’t get to luxuriate!!


Good question!

I’d have to go with the best suite at the GF.


Okay… What MissDis said. Gee, how boring of me, just saying “Garden Suite” at the Boardwalk.

I WANT THE MASSEUSE, too! Not necessarily the bartender, though, but YES to a stocked bar! :laugh:


…our Walt’s apartment on mainstreet.

I know that’s technically DL, but I’ve never been to DL