If money were no object


Would you do an adventures by disney trip? Maybe to Europe? I am looking at the itineraries, and they look like fun, especially for each country. Of course, it is not enough time…

But if you were planning a trip, would you take one-if money were not a consideration? What places interest you the most?

(By the way-money is a consideration over here, I am just dream planning…)


The Costa Rica trip looks amazing, and we would love to do it… IF money were no object!


I found the site for the Costa Rica trip…

Costa Rica Family Vacation | Adventures by Disney


I don’t know if this is an option but I would most definetly go to Hawaill on one of those 14 day cruises!


I would like to do the Prague, Salzburg and Vienna one.


I’m a loser, so I would want to just go to WDW…the big trip…14days at the best hotels…ultimate DDP…park hoppers with plus options…you know insane big.


If money were no object I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY would do the ‘Adventures by Disney’ African Safari trip. That’s been a dream of mine since I was very little, I would LOVE to do an African Safari! I looked into it, I can afford to send myself but not the both of us. I don’t mind doing SOME things alone, but that is something I would definately want to share with someone. :sad:


Yeah, you have to take people with you on those trips. It would be just too amazing to see it yourself. I almost fainted when I looked at the cost of a family of four to go anywhere…I would love to go on any of those adventures-even the works at WDW. Dana-you are not a loser… that is my ultimate dream-even though they would not let me stay in my actual home (the castle) for my entire stay…HA!


From what I have read, those trips are not a they seem. I looked into the trip to Germany and they expect you to be part of a group. Meaning that they expect you to show up for meals, tours, etc. I don’t think I like vacationing that way.



and try saying THAT 5 times (fast):laugh:



and try saying THAT 5 times (fast):laugh:[/QUOTE]

you are stalking my posts, mister :pirate:


I :heart: U!!!


The African Safari definitely. And the China trip would be amazing as well.


I think I would do the cruise and then 7 days in WDW with all the perks.


Where would you stay? I sort of picture you as a Poly gal… :happy:




I would just want to be able to go to disney


WOW! If money was no object Id be holidaying every other month! Id never stop, Id probably just spend a few years living out of a suitcase and hopping from one adventure to the next lol that would be amazing, like backpacking - but in 5* hotels with gourmet meals and egyptian cotten sheets lol! Ok Im going off on one…I picked up one of those ‘Adventures by Disney’ brochures last trip, first time Id ever seen one and wow was I blown away, Id do every single one of them if I could afford it! Seein the world Disney Style :smiley:

Now if only I could win the lottery!


This is my choice too-- at one pt. I actually applied to be an Adventures by Disney Guide, but didnt get chosen:frown: . I also think the Costa Rica trip looks great, but I studied there as an exchange student for 6 weeks, so I have already seen alot of the country.


If money was not an issue…my dream trip - a full MONTH of vacation including…:

7 Day Mexican Riviera cruise (on NCL) in a SUITE
followed by
7 Days in Disneyland (on property)
followed by
10 days in WDW (Suite in GF)
followed by
7 days on a Disney Cruise!

I think I might need a vacation…after this vacation!!

Since money is an issue…I will settle for any part of this dream vacation…I’ll have to take it in segments, with less extravagant accommodations!

Oops…didn’t really notice this was in the Adventures forum…:redface:

It would be fun to try one of these vacations some day though!!