If there was one thing you could do?


Dh and I leave in 40 days for our adults only trip:happy: …this is a much needed trip for the two of us, it’s been 4 years since we’ve had a vacation by ourselves. We’ve included the following extras in our itinerary thus far: La Nouba, Keys to the Kingdom tour and hitting the PI Nightlife before it is no longer there. We also plan on going to both waterparks…we can’t wait.

If there was one thing you could do on an adults only trip that you’ve always wanted to and not been able to because the kids were with you, what would it be??


I would love a dinner for two at somewhere fabulous like Victoria and Alberts, or maybe a Spa visit, something grown up and totally un-kid like!! I hope you have a wonderful trip.


Segway tour at Epcot! :wub:

When Bella posted it in her TR, it looked like so much FUN!


I would definitely say Pleasure Island. We have never been able to do PI because of the kids. AND… It looks like we never will…lol… oh well.

Couples Spa treatment!


I second the Segway tour. DH and I have always wanted to do that!


Go to Jelly Rolls (is that what it’s called?) on the Boardwalk :wink:


This was going to be my response too! DH and I had a “night out” while DD was in the kids club. We ate dinner at Spoodles and then went to Jelly Rolls after - it was sooo fun!!

Our next trip we are doing an adults night and having dinner at Narcoosees. I’ve heard great reviews and I can’t wait to watch Wishes from there.

While in PI make sure the go to the Comedy Warehouse - it’s all improv and it’s (usually) really funny!


hehe, I was thinking when DH and I go by ourselves in JANUARY, we’ll have dinner at the Flying Fish and then finally experience Jelly Rolls.
Narcoossees is on the list as well.:blush:


I would want to dine at Victoria & Albert’s.


The two things I enjoyed most on our “adults only” trip was to be able and sit in a bar and talk. We sat at POFQ. There was this musician there that played at least 15 instruments. It was great to be able to sit, listen and talk. The other thing was to hotel hop. There is no way our DS’s would have the patience for that, so it was great to explore!


Well I’ll let you know how Narcoosee’s is after Nov - I have high hopes for this one :wub:

For Jelly Rolls make sure you go a little later. We went at 9:00 and it was really dead. Things were really picking up around 10:30, but we had to leave to retrieve DD from the Sandcastle Club!


Oh, thank you. I would love to hear all about Narcoossee’s. We all would, I am sure. Going out late is never a problem for us. We can have an adult dinner before, at adult dinner time :biggrin:


Dh and I want to take an adults only trip. We have to wait for Mom and Dad to move to Florida first. But if we did it…I would want to rent some jet boats, go to all the movies in Epcot again. Go to Pleasure Island, have Spa Time, oh so many things…just can’t decide. When we plan it… you can bet all the details would be thought out very carefully.


Thanks, was planning on hitting the Comedy Warehouse! You always need a good laugh! DH and I are so looking forward to this trip, luckily we won’t have to pick the kids up for two days after returning home, we’ll be able to get some rest from our vacation :laugh: before returning to normal life with the kids.:laugh:


It sounds like you have a lot of wonderful extras in there already! We’ve done everything you listed & you made some great choices. Did you ever consider “Dining with an Imagineer?” It really is a neat experience in a nice dining environment & definately best for adults.

To answer your question, the ONE thing I wish DH & I could do in WDW that we’ve never done… Hmm, that would be sleep in Cinderella’s Castle! :tongue: I know you have no control over that but wouldn’t it be wonderful if you won??? Much pixie dust!


Never thought of that…maybe next year! I’d love to make this an annual event, just the two of us trapsing around WDW…after all this is where we honeymooned :wub: and what better place to celebrate.

Although Atlantis is where I really want to go next year for our 15 yr.


Yes…Cinderella’s Castle, that would be AWESOME!


Definitely one or more of the Signature Dining Restaurants. On our Adults Only (mostly) trip we loved our romantic dinner for our anniversary at the California Grill. No better view of the fireworks than here.

I would love to try Jiko & Nacroosee’s on another trip. I can’t wait to hear the reviews ~ please bring back some pics!

I love the idea of Dining with an Imagineer too.

Ohhhh…how about a horse drawn carriage ride at Fort Wilderness or Port Orleans!!! :wub:

Carriage and Wagon Rides


We always squeeze in atleast one adult only night each trip (DS4) goes to Neverland Club!

On our adult night, we go to a nice sit down dinner (ahhhh peace!!), and then we go to the Comedy Warehouse! Usually 2 or 3 times in one night!! It’s improv, so it’s a diff show each time…

I guess we will have to find a new hang out for adult night after Sept 27th! Thanks for the thread - lots of good ideas here!


Mine would be the keys to the kingdowm tour which you are doing already. great choice!