If they added one more country to Epcot


which would you choose if it were up to you?

I would have to say I think Greece would be nice. Greek food sounds yummy.


Did you know many many years ago, there was a Greek Themed Hotel slated to be built around on the monorail path near MK


Oh,now that would be cool. I really like some of the greek food. Themed hotel sounds very interesting.


Definitely Greece. They could have a ride-on attraction based on mythology and a really good Greek restaurant. I’ve been saying this for years.


I couldn’t agree more. I just went to a greek food festival last night and it really got me thinking that Disney should make Greece one of there countries. I wonder if getting rid of one that does not do very well would work. Then which one do you get rid of. Which one would you get rid of? I think maybe Morroco.


They don’t have to get rid of a country, there’s plenty of room for more. And I think getting rid of Morocco would be a big loss.


I’d like to add something like Australia since I think many spots in Europe are already represented. Just a thought…




me too!! Australia please.


Just to be crazy, Kenya. Nigeria. Brazil. Argentina or Chile.
Australia makes sense.


It would. I love Morocco. Marrakesh has some of the best food AND service available in WDW, and Tangierine Cafe has terrific CS.

I’d hate to see it go.


Something from South America makes sense too!:whistling


Russia - i think it would be great food (mmmm julliene) and vodka!!


Russia would be a great choice. Also Switzerland, then they can build another Matherhorn coaster!

I have heard talks about this - a long time ago


I would like to see a South American country like Brazil or Chile. I think the food and the rainforest theme would be incredible.


oohhhh, Rain forest theme. Now that sounds nice. I like the south America also.


As soon as I read the thread topic, and before I even opened the thread, GREECE was my thought too!!!

In 1984 I spent a week in Athens and a week on a cruise of the Greek islands. Beautiful country, fantastic food. (I also love Greek men! Most of my serious relationships have been with Greek men. :blush: )


I would love to see another latin american country represented. Brazil and Argentina are great choices. Spain would be a good choice as well although I agree that Europe has gotten adequate representation. I also like the idea of Russia. Vodka Bar?

When we went on our segway tour we were told there was actually room for 2 more countries.


I love the thought of Switzerland if for nothing else but an excuse to build a Matterhorn there! Oooooh, and the cheese too :slight_smile:

Have to edit to add that Brazil would be great too! The costumes, the music, the food…it would be a lot of fun :slight_smile:


If they did do Greece, they would have a great tie-in with the Hercules characters!:hercules:

I would vote for New Zealand instead of Australia (partially because Steinlager from NZ is my favorite beer!). I also think India would be a good addition.

Prezcatz Paul