If Walt came back today what would he say?


If Walt Disney came back today what do you think he would say about WDW progress since his passing.

I feel he would say good start but we have alot of work to do.


I think Walt would be very pleased with the progress thus far. He was a future/forward thinking man , and I am sure he would be anxious to know what happens next!


I don’t know what he would say, but I have to think he’d be very proud of his films, and very impressed with the teams of Imagineers and all that they do!


I’m not sure if he would be pleased with everything…too many things are being added based on popularity(rides based on movies) and less things that are unique and/or futuristic.
Also, I wish he wasn’t happy with the new dining plan as I don’t think it really helps out families who are visiting.


Actually I was just discussing this with Stu the other day. We were talking about the COP closing next year. I said I think Walt would be disappointed that they were changing it out for an Incrediables ride. Stu said “Well, that’s progress…” and it made me realize that that was what COP and Walt Disney were all about.

Walt may not have done everything the same over the last 35 years, but the parks and the resorts still retain the magic Walt envisioned. I think he would be happy.


I would hope he’s say there was a lot of work to do- since that’s how he looked at his own creations. But I think mostly he’d be overwhelmed and gratified by the continued expansions.


With his thinking always into the future he would envision many different ways to improve, expand and update the parks, attractions and resorts.


One of the things Walt loved about Disneyland was that it was never finished; he felt he’d always be able to improve upon it. So, while there may be things about the WDW resort he might love, and other things he might not like, he’d be pleased because there’d still be more work to do!


I think he would say Good Start but we have allot of work to do.


I think he would say right on target so give all of my MB’ers friends a free 6 night stay with all the bells and whistles :laugh:


“I’m cold” (sorry - bad joke that I think I stole from someone else)

As for the rides based on movies, I think Walt had that already: Wasn’t Peter Pan’s Flight/Dumbo original Disneyland rides? I think it is a natural progression there.

I think the spirit of Disney lives on, with the business sense needed to survive in the current market.


:laugh: I like that answer!!

I think he’d say “right on track” when it came to the attractions and movies, but I think he may be disappointed in some of the staffing at the parks. Of course we all know that there are many WONDERFUL CMs at the parks right now (some of the best are members of MB we know and love :smile:) but I think Walt held his CMs to a much higher standard than the Disney company does today. Just MHO.


“Keep moving forward” was always Walt’s thinking but I think he would be very happy to see what’s been done.


I think he’d say it was a good start but there was more to do. Walt was always trying to get the Imagineers to ‘plus’ everything and to take things to the next level. I think he’d like what he saw but would want to amp it up. I think Epcot in particular would be something he’d think needed improvement. Remember he wanted it to be the city of tomorrow, and I wonder if what we have now is really where is vision was going.


I’ll go for that.:biggrin:


Yes the COP was his pride and joy and I think its loss would be disappointment to him.:crying:


Thank GOD they let me out of that box! :biggrin:


If Walt Disney came back he’d say,

“Why is the [quick service] food quality in these parks so terrible? Look at all these extremely overweight people walking around, we need to give them more enticing healthy food options. Look at Disneyland, they promote their states’ diverse agrticultural bounty & it reflects in many of the park’s & resorts quick service options & restaurants. There is a respect for what the local land gives in California & it shows in the food quality.”

[OK, well that is more like “What Jessica would say if she was in charge” but I’d like to think that Walt may notice this too if he ever happened “to come back.” :tongue:]


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


I am going to be so sad about the COP, as I am sure Walt would be disappointed as well, because I think he would have loved to see more added to the COP. I would love to see more new rides, as much as the next person, but I am incredibly sad to see this go. I think that Walt would definitely be thrilled to see some of the progress disney has made, but there is definitely room for improvement.