If WDW built a new resort


which would you perfer it be ? I love the idea of a resort based on Haunted Mansion or TOT
oh and I voted Haunted Mansion …how fun would it be to have all that creepyness around you :slight_smile:


I almost said ToT (my favorite attraction,) but then I decided it would take forever for the elevator to get me to my room! :laugh: So…I went for the Haunted Mansion. That could be a really fun resort (though it might scare little kids to stay in a haunted place. :eek: )


TOT! that would be such a cool resort! It may scare the pooh out of some kids, but I would love to stay there especially if the cms were in total character like at the attraction!


I wonder what a POC resort could be like? I guess since they already have CBR, it would not work to have a POCBR …but it might be fun.


I think a Main St USA resort would be cool. It’d be like a slice of Americana from a more simpler time.


I agree … Main Street USA would be nice, totally Walt nice :slight_smile:


Voted for Main St. The shops and the smell of food would be the best. Tim would kill me though with the shops :laugh: :laugh:


ok now I can imagine a food court from Main Street … but what kind of theme would a food court at HM or TOT have?


I voted for TOT…how perfect of a transition from a ride to a hotel. Although I love the other choice too!


I think a Haunted Mansion Hotel would be cool! (although it might be tough to get little ones to sleep!)


I think that tot is too scary as well as haunted mansion- I vote for future land or something like that - where there is all future space type stuff


Oh wait I change my mind

“its a small world”[COLOR=“DarkRed”]:wub: :laugh: :heart: [/COLOR]


Even though it would be cool for a HM or ToT themed resort it probably wouldn’t be very viable b/c it would probably end up being more scary than anything. My vote would be for a “30’s/40’s Hollywood” themed hotel, think ToT with NO scare at all. Big Band music playing, antique furniture, B&W photos of Disney characters made to look like those beautiful old B&W Hollywood portraits, maybe even hallway carpeting with “Hollywood Blvd.” stars printed on it, a red carpet leading guests from the entry door to reception desk, etc… I could go on forever, hehe.


I voted for the Haunted Mansion resort. I think it would be really cool.


I think ToT and HM are too dark for a resort but a Main Street theme would be very cool.


A Main Street theme would be really great.


you know it is true, TOT and HM would be resorts that only those with older children or simply adults would want to stay in. Still I love the idea for my family… then again … taking the endless hallway to your room … AKL is pretty much a resort based on AK. Main Street USA would make a great resort based on MK, Contemporary is was to be the “resort of the future” that leaves 2 openings really for Disney Studios and Epcot. I can not really think of a resort that would represent Epcot.


I voted for a Main Street theme, but I would also love a whole resort based around Splash Mountain–like Alligator Bayou at POR but bigger and better!


It was a toss up for TOT and HM. They would both be equally fun to stay at. Wouldn’t it be neat if they put several surprises in your room and/or hallway?


Ooh, think of the towel creatures they could make for the HM resort! :eek: I would love some kind of freaky, creepy towel animal.