If you are at WDW this week


Let me know how light or heavy the crowd levels are right now. We are going next week and usually go in late January when it is practically empty, so I’m curious to see what we are in for!


And we need a trip report please… just cause :)!!!


oh how I wish I was…:crying:


We were in MK and Epcot today and crowds were CRAZY!!! Didn’t help that they were taping segments of the christmas parade on main st so most of it was shut down, but still!!! It was nuts!!


Oh no! Starting to second guess our date change for this year!


Gonna be there on Thursday!


Do let me know how the crowds are on Thursday and beyond! Our first park day will be Sunday.


Don’t fret WDWMom. You’ll be able to manage just fine! I promise. I’m working at Studios today and can usually get a good and fair projection from the crowds I’ll see at the Hat and at Block Party. But I truly think you’ll be fine. Yes, I’ll admit we’re busier right now than normal for this time of year but it’s not overwhelming.


I’ll be there from Dec 16th-20th next week and I haven’t even considered park crowds but I don’t doubt that it will be high attendance. I think we’re gonna go light on park time this trip, we already have tickets for two nights of the MVMCP anyway.

You’ll be fine, get out early & use Fast Passes.


Was working Studios today. Was really busy. 3 of the 4 guest lots were completely full. Just a heads up.


Isn’t this weekend Mousefest?


Believe so. The schedule was posted on Allears weekly email last night.


what is mousefest? sorry out of loop… do they have it every year at this time?


Go to Allears.net

You will find it there. It is a planned meet and greet in the different parks.


If you take advantage of extra magic hours or get to the park upon opening, and use fast passes…it wont be too bad. We went over Thanksgiving weekend and it wasnt as bad as we anticipated.


Parade taping was Dec 3 - 5, although 2 days were delayed by a day due to weather so finished taping on Dec 6. We were just there, got back yesterday, Dec 9. Crowds were overall light to moderate. Longest wait times Space Mountain was 50 minutes in evening extra Magic Hours, during regular hours 30 minutes at Space Mountain. Peter Pan, 45 minutes which is quite typical. At Epcot Test Track, as usual was running about an hour. Soaring had a 70 minute wait but they had taken the fastpasses offline that day. Toy Story Mania they said was 50 minutes but we did it in about 40 minutes. Everything else was listed at 20 minutes and under. Depending on the attraction you literally just walked right on. The wait time was the time it took you to walk from the front of the line to the point where you get on the attraction, with no stopping.


MK was SLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWW today. Probably all the rain didn’t help.


Hey Matt!
Send some of that cooler air down here. Please?


RAIN?? It’s always amazes me how we’re in the same state and just 2.5 hours south can be so different . . . we had fog, humidity and 85 degree weather today. :eek:


we just returned today and we found the crowds were busier than we would have thought. The weekend especially. The MVMCP was quite busy as well.