If you could do ONE "special" thing in WDW


I was thinking about doing one “special” activity in November when we go on our 10 day trip. We really aren’t park commandos 'cause we go so often, we like to spend A LOT of time “relaxing” by the pool, at the resort, shopping, etc. So this time I want to mix it up a bit and do something special. Last August on our long trip we rented one of those Montauk Whaler boats and got an hour massage afterwards at the Boardwalk spa, 2005 with did the “Dine with an Imagineer” which was awesome too. All of the options I’ve listed we’d definately love to do, there really aren’t any ‘bad’ choices I just would love to hear some imput of which you’d choose & why.



Dine with an Imagineer. I haven’t done it myself (yet) because I’m only there around Christmas, usually, and that’s when they don’t do it, but I have heard wonderful things about the program.

I believe eight people can dine with an Imagineer at a time. Can’t quite remember the price, but every review I have read said that it’s well worth the money (it’s actually not that bad of a price).

Second suggestion would be the park tours - do the Utilidor tour. I’m going on that once I turn 16 (I need to have a special sixteenth birthday trip to WDW!)… the AK conservation tour would be neat, too. Really any behind-the-scenes tour.

The private dinner on the GF beach sounds cool and all, but I think it might be a little odd because people would be watching… I dunno. I’m just kind of awkward about romantic things.


A boat ride for Illuminations…


We just did that in 2005, it was awesome!!! I would do it again but maybe after a couple more years. :happy:


I am going to look up more info on this also :smile: Thank you!


hehe, I’m not shy at all :tongue: They can take my picture too if they’d like. :laugh:


I think I would vote for the Family photo session. I am not sure about you, but it is rare for our family to be together in a large group all at once… especially at WDW. Great opportunity for a lasting memory.


Dining on the beach at the GF…sounds ideal…exepecially if wishes is going on.


I’d have to say dinner on the yatch and Illinations. Some day some day


My DW says you should go for the family photo @ GF. I’ve also saw something on one of the Disney travel channel episodes that with a large group, you can do a boat ride for the MK fireworks…it really looked cool!

Perzcatz Paul


Jess, are you and Daniel foodies at all? Have you done Vicky and Al’s?

If I were planning a similar trip and deciding on ONE ab fab event to include, I wouldn’t hesitate to book an evening at Victoria and Albert’s. I love that place.

(The “dining on the GF beach” thing sounds nice, but I always get leery about food and sand in the same place at the same time. Too many unpleasant surprises at beach picnics, I suppose; I’ve found sand in the food too often for the idea to appeal to me very much any more.)


I would love the private dinner at GF beach. :heart:


I voted for other!!!

Like the Fireworks cruise!!! That is great for a large group!!! :cool: :happy:


i am very interested in the tours - would love to do one someday!!


I voted for the private photo session for just the two of you. BUT, they are all great choices so…I think you should do one on each of your future trips!


Have you done the dinner shows? I love the Hoop de Doo Review. What about the illuminations fireworks cruise at Epcot?


This is hard isn’t it? I still am NOT partial to one more than any other. I am glad you guys mentioned the fireworks cruise & considering Victoria & Alberts. Neither Daniel nor I have ever eaten there so it’s definately something to consider.

Note: don’t let ‘size of party’ effect your suggestions. The ONLY thing on this list that WILL include all the in-laws would be the family photo sessions. Anything else we would choose; fireworks cruise, special dinner, etc… would only be Daniel and I before they even arrive. :smile:



We have HoopDeeDoo booked for our 3rd night :smile: OH, and before anyone mentions it we’ve seen La Nouba 3 times. haha. :biggrin:


I wish I could afford dinner on the yacht right now! :laugh: The private dining at GF I was referring to would NOT be on the yacht. Supposedly they arrange a single table on the beach there and serve you privately. :happy:


I voted the tour thing. I always wanted to do the tour of MK, especially the tunnels under the MK.