If you could have a Disney themed room


Don’t know if this has been done before…
If you could have (or have one already) a Disney themed room in your house, what would room would it be and what would it look like…


We have a Nemo bathroom. It has fish bathroom stuff, Nemo wall border and Nemo prints.


My whole house would be like the Animal Kingdom Lodge if I could… Or, Adventureland, specifically the tiki room. :tongue:


I have one! It’s subtle . . . but our family room has Mickey Patriotic . . . I use a golden color on the wall, and then red and blue touches, but there are hidden Mickey all over . . . in the prints (well not so hidden) on the wall, the pillow, the throw . . . it’s GREAT!


Oh, I like Wishy’s idea of the Animal Kingdom/Tiki look. Our family room is sort of tropical themed so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

I would love a Mickey bathroom too. Traditional red, yellow and black.


Disney runs right through out house and has made its way into the garden! I think the only room with no kind of Disney memoribila in is the bathroom but it wont last long! Nothing is specifically themed, just trinkets we have collected over the years adorning every avalible surface…including the dog!


I wish Disney would have a waaay bigger home decor collection, for every room, why don’t they? Like a entire store!


We are going to do DS’s room in the Nemo Theme. Just have to get the paint.


I was redo-ing our downstairs half bath and wanted to do this exact thing–black baseboards, chair-rail, mirror and cabinet, and then yellow on the lower part of the wall and white upper part of the wall.


My bedroom…most of it is Disney stuff, but the decore is just neutral browns etc. If I were going to go all out with Disney decore in a room, it would be that one.


My small bath has all our framed WDW photos hanging on the wall. It’s great to look back and see how we’ve all changed over the years.


Well… my DD room (pre~move) was a Princess room, with murals, bedding, border, etc.

As of right now, I have a little touch of Disney in just about every room. Even the kids bathroom has the Thomas Kincade 50th Anniversary Disneyland framed print. It’s everywhere!


My parents moved to a large house when I was three and one room in the house was dedicated as our ‘playroom’. It had all our toys (and we had alot of them). But before it was handed over to us, my mom and my grandfather (an artist) painted the entire room…walls and ceiling…with assorted Disney characters. (Okay there’s one wall with Sesame Street characters). On one wall, I have Cinderella, her carrage, the fairy godmother, her castle and the prince. Then there’s snow white and the 7 dwarves. Where the closets are I have Disney classics…Claribelle Cow and Horace (so when they made an appearance last year I actually knew who they were!). I also have Mary Poppins on the carousel, Winnie the Pooh…geez I could go on for awhile. It’s a pretty big room.

Anyway, as we got older, the toys went out (along with us kids!) and my parents are using it as they’re tv-room. It’s amazing that paint job in the whole room is still the way it was back in the day.


I think it would be cool to have a sort of studio… with a bunch of Disney sketches and such. Looking kind of like Animation Academy… idk. With a storyboard wall with lots of space for pictures. A room that Walt, himself, might have enjoyed.


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Stop the laughing and get on with the TR. :laugh: We are all waiting patiently.


My kitchen is Mickey Themed with a lot of goodies from my favorite Downtown Disney’s Marketplace store… Mickey’s Pantry… I have a mixture in my living room of Winnie the Pooh and Friends (Pooh my favorite character) and I also have some Tink in my living room.


I love this idea, very sophisticated


Yeah, yeah, yeah… move along Mr. David! :tongue:


As much as I love Disney - I don’t think I’d have a Disney-themed room in my house - unless it was for a small child. I’m a little picky about my decor. I did base my bedroom on the suites at OKW, because I wanted a very cool, relaxing, summery room. I do have a wonderful Snow White print which Dana sent me on the wall of the guest bedroom and a Mickey & Minnie Snowglobe (also from Dana!) in the family room. AND she also sent me a great Dumbo Train Snowglobe, but that only comes out at Christmas.