If you could only do ONE?


If you could only do one park what would it be and why?

For the reason that it’s a short trip and your looking to keep costs down as much as possible or any old reason you can think of.


I think I’m leaning more toward what has EMH during our stay. We maybe able to do more but we want to go slow and relax. The kids and my cousin who will be with us are sure to want to go into atleast 1 park so I’m assuming it would be best to do atleast one day in a park. So why not go later in the day to one that’s open late and make everyone nap before hand. The amount of time we’re at Disney is short so I think one day is sufficient.


Ive actually did just a day trip from NJ and decided to go to MK because it was more magical for me to spend my bday there.
My friend and I drove from NJ. Left on a Thurs. Got to orlando Fri and went to MK Sat and left Sat night and was home by Sun.


Animal kingdom for me. I love it there.


Epcot. We always end up there, it seems. Probably because you get the best of both worlds - Good rides and then the luxury of traveling to different countries. We just love it.


I voted MK, because it is just not WDW to me without MK. Hands down, no question. but,knowing me, I would SAY just one day, but couldnt do it and find a way to stay longer…haha! but MK it would be.


:wub: For me and DH it would be Epcot but for DS it would be MK!!


With you all the way. MK and couldn’t do just one day/park I think I couldn’t go if I had to stop after one park


MK because I need to see the castle to believe I am at WDW!
I can’t even go to another park until I have been to MK. Maybe that part is tradition but it feels weird if I think about going somewhere else first. :slight_smile:


MK for us too! Its just not Disney until I step onto Main Street. :slight_smile:


If I can only pick one and it’s for 1 day I would have to pick EPCOT


For us as a family, it’s MK. Our trip in May was just a weekend trip and we only did one park and it was MK, because of our kids. The rides there are the one my kids like the best, the parade, fireworks, just the most kid friendly. If it were adults only, it’d be Epcot or HS, because we love to ride RRC and TOT over and over.


I have to agree with most of you MK is the one that has the EMH which is what made it even better. It’s later this month and I know it will be really hot so the fact that we can spend more time there after the sun goes down makes it even better.
It doesn’t feel like Disney until I step on Main St and look at the castle, as well!
Plus we’ll have a 3yo, 12yo & 17yo along with DH & I. I think its the best place for all of us to go.
I know DH would probably pick another in hopes it would be less crowded and I do agree with that. I love Animal Kingdom and DHS for RRC and TOT so that’s hard to miss too. I just don’t want to spend the day running all over place to place.
Epcot I haven’t learned to absolutely love yet. I can give or take it all. But I’m sure some day I’ll prefer it over the rest as my Mom has done at this point.


I voted for MK. I don’t think I could only do one!


I voted for MK, it’s just feels the most magical to us. We seem to be able to get the most done there if we arrive later in the day. We’ve tried the other parks later in the day but the lines for rides like Soarin’, Toy Story Mania, and Test Track seem to be so long and the Fastpasses are gone. Most of what we want to do at MK can be done w/o a Fastpass late in the day.


I can’t choose. I’ve always had a park hopper and the only times I’ve done only one park on one day during a one day visit, I’ve been taping fireworks in the Magic Kingdom. There is one exception, in May, I drove up to meet old friends from college and was confined to Epcot because they didn’t have park hoppers and they chose Epcot (largely for the beer).
Left to my own devices, I’ve been to 3 parks on one day, one time managing to get to all 4.


I picked MK because it’s my favorite and no way could I spend a whole day at HS or AK. I like Epcot and could easily spend the whole day there, but I :heart:Magic Kingdom.


Have done it, on our cruise trip. Epcot ba-bee!

If I had to make the executive decision i’d say Epcot again. But it may also depend on what time of year it is too. Fall, Epcot for Food & Wine & Illuminations. Christmas, MK for the lights & decor’ & wishes. Summer, back to Epcot since there’s more indoors to beat the heat. Would never only choose AK, HS or waterparks as they seem to close earlier more than the others and I think i’d feel cheated on my Disney fix.


Has to be MK for us. It’s just not Disney without being in the MK!


This is almost an impossible question to answer! I hope I’m never put in that position!

I chose Epcot because it has so many of my favourites. Soarin’, The World Showcase, Chefs de France, and it’s usually the most uncrowded park. But, then again, how could I not go to the MK…:crying: