If you could pick just one?


My mom is going on the trip with me in June and she has never been to any of the table service restaurants in DW, so which would you choose if you could chose just one to take your mom?


I would take my Mom to the Coral Reef, great food and a great place to sit back and relax for a little while.


Ohana - my mom loves meats and lots of food - lol. It also feels like Hawaii.


I took my Mom to Rose and Crown. We sat outside and had a wonderful meal, with a view.


San Angel Inn at Epcot. Breathtaking atmosphere. I think I looked around more than I looked at my food! Haha :slight_smile:


San Angel Inn is the one place I will never visit again. I know a lot of people love it, but my experience there was so bad I just can’t imagine going back. But we do love Mexican food so it is really disappointing.


I agree 100 percent!


my all time favorite is Germay’s Biergarten and my second is Crystal Palace.


California grill to watch the fireworks from above when the meal was done


We love the atmoshere at San Angel Inn. The food is meh. I just choose not to think of it as Mexican food, but then I feel that way about most Mexican restaurants.
Ohana is a great option!


California Grill definitely! It’s great food but being able to see wishes from the balcony tops it off!


I do love Cali Grill!


Aw, really? Yeah, my boyfriend didn’t like his plate…but I LOVED mine! Do you mind me asking what happened? Should I not go back?


narcooses great food and if you time it right… you can watch the fireworks.
San angel inn changed their menu we uses to love this place but the last two times we were there is was not very good and very very limited menu.


I would think it would depend a lot on what might be unusual for her. For instance, my upcoming trip in May will be with an old friend who has never been. Since she lives in Minnesota near a very German community, we don’t plan on doing Biergarten. But, we might do Marrakesh since that would be a total change for her. For the ultimate in park dining, my first choice though would be Le Cellier…especially if she is not into different kinds of food.


Tutu Itallia.

Have to agree with San Angelo. Food was actually BETTER at the counter service OUTSIDE. My meal there was bland both times I’ve eaten there. Even my local Taco Bell is better, and THAT’S sad. It’s WAY down on my list.


I love the atmosphere at the Poly! So I would vote for dinner at Ohanas


What kind of person is your mother - is she into all the fun and characters, or would she prefer quieter dining. Also, does she have any preferences - for instance don’t take her to Flying Fish if she hates fish… Is she up for trying something different or would she prefer more traditional type foods.