If you could, where would you?


I am not sure if we’ve already done something like this but let’s do it anyway.

If you could live in WDW, where would your spot be and why?

I’ll start:
I would live in the Swiss Robinson Tree House. I love the little rooms, sleeping in a hammock, just reaching out and picking fruit of the tree next door, hopefully not very many visitors, after all, the stairs are quite the workout.

Your turn, where would you live and why?


Not fair, you got the best place!!!

Okay, I might live on Tom Sawyer Island - easy commute :laugh: nice countryside, nobody crowding me…yes, Fort Langhorn for me…you can come visit anytime!

Oh, but I would have to be able to run my raft when I wanted to…of course!:blush:


In the castle. Because I’m a princess. :wub::laugh: I first thought of the tree house too, but that’s to many steps to climb everyday. The castle has heat and a/c when needed and so pretty.


Oh gosh, this is tough. I think I would live in a tent at Animal Kingdom, preferably on the savanna with the animals.


oh, one of those shnazzy tents, with footman, Martini shaker, olives and everything, huh?

Loretta, you’re such a girl :cool:

cowan, just make sure those canons are not directed towards my place, got that?


Of course a shnazzy tent.:slight_smile:


well, you will invite me over for running water, right?:laugh::laugh:


For a bath? sure. Bath time is Saturdays. I go in first, you after that :pirate:


This is easy

The Biergarten!

Do I need to explain?
hoi hoi hoi!


wow…honestly, I don’t know. Maybe one of two places. I would either do the castle…DUH or maybe the highest level suite in the Grand Floridian! That way I could have a view of MK fireworks every night, and have a concierge service! =)


I would live in the Castle…Beautiful, Butlers :happy:, and just being able to live like, well, a princess!!!


LA CAVERNA DEL TEQUILLA!!! only problem is i would never leave. well maybe to take a drunken boat ride lol!


Okay, I would pick the Haunted Mansion. Looks like all the spirits are having a great time. It’s my absolute favorite ride in WDW. And I think it would be fun to scare all the vistors!


On a boat in It’s a Small World so I could hear that beautiful music all day and night.:eek:


My first thought was the castle but the more I think of it…the Pirates area! Crazy I know but how much fun would that be???:ohmy:


Well, I don’t know where I would sleep (maybe on a street bench?), but when I am in DHS and on Sunset Blvd., I just feel like I’m home. That is my favorite spot in all of WDW.


There’s always the Hollywood Tower Hotel nearby!:crying:


When I was six I told my parents I wanted to live at Disney World…when I told them where they kind of stared at me funny. Now, 22 years later I’d still pick the same place.
The apartment looking place above Aloha Isle (where they sell the Dole Whips) it looks so peaceful up there.


:laugh:That’s true!


Peter Pan’s Flight…in my next life I want to come back as Peter Pan or Tinkerbell.